TYG02/TYG03 what are they

TYG02 and TYG03 TYG05 what type of disc are these and who makes them. i am a total newbie. and see many post that say these are good media. but what do the numbers really mean :confused:

they are dvd-r
as for who makes em TY stands for “Taiyo Yuden”
not sure about the number,maybe its quality related and higher means bit better quality

TYG02 = 8x media

TYG03 = 16x media

TY=the best, noob. :bigsmile:

can’t seem to find TYG03 16x media

Right here. :slight_smile:

Most newer dvd writer can burn TYG02 8x DVD-R up to 16x. However if you want TYG03, rima.com carries it, here.

Edit: RangeRoad beats me.

ahhh just what the doctor ordered thank’s guys:)
one more question how can i tell if my TY dvd-r 16x disc are the real thing.
when i run dvd indentifier it says "

Unique Disc Identifier : [DVD-R:TYG03]

Disc & Book Type : [DVD-R] - [DVD-R]
Manufacturer Name : [Taiyo Yuden Co. Ltd.]
Manufacturer ID : [TYG03]
Blank Disc Capacity : [2,298,496 Sectors = 4.71 GB (4.38 GiB)]

[ DVD Identifier - http://DVD.Identifier.CDfreaks.com ]

the serail # on the inside ring says GH000076

That’s how you can tell. TY 4x -R serials start with GD, 8x with GG, and 16x with GH.

the TD i thought the one’s i had were fake because of the code.

TYG05 = pure typo or did you mean RITEKG05? :slight_smile:

type O sorry

That is also a typo. :stuck_out_tongue:

that’s what happends when i get too many bears oops beers

Are you sure of this? I’m asking because I have here a Fuji 8x DVD+R disc that I thought it was Taiyo Yuden. It says “Made in Japan”, and its media code is TYG01, but the serial number is TG001125.

(In case it helps ID it: I am in Spain, and the disc comes in a jewel case with a dark (black/blue) cover).

TY G01 is 4x DVD-R, not 8x DVD+R.

My Fujifilm 8x DVD-R I’m burning now: GG000102.

GG000103 here, but it’s generic hub-printable. :smiley:

Generic G03 here is GH000073

Well officially these codes are from Taiyo Yuden. However I can say that both codes have been faked by chinese manufacturers. (THere was a reason why I send the warning out !!)

so if they faking the serail #'s how can one sure they have the real deal? what about dvd identifier. does it now the real from the fake??