TYG02/TYG03 $0.30 ea. shipped

Did you notice it could be TYG02 OR TYG03?

I wouldn’t take the chance.

I just got my Printable (not value) TYG02’s from shop4tech for $32.40 shipped using this coupon code CS10.

Coupon still works and the price is the same.


Pretty sure it’s just “luck of the draw”. My first 2 shipments were 02s and the last, 03s. For what it’s worth, the 03’s burned and play just fine, but no question, I’d rather have the 02’s

Do those discs have stacking ring? Did they come in a cake box? Those same ones on Meritline show valueline in the picture.

Sorry I just realized that link didn’t work.


They came tape wrapped but they are not value line, it has been discussed that
TYG02 inkjets (non value line) do come in tape wrap and yes that is how mine came.
I do believe they have no stacking ring, maybe someone else can confirm it.

You will prolly get more TYG03 since they pretty much sent out all the TYG02. And if you want to buy Inkjet printable, Meritline has 100 pack for $31 shipped


Once again though, those are value line. The ones posted by Megadeth are only $1.40 more and aren’t value line. I for one would gladly spend the extra $1.40 and have the peice of mind of getting TYG02 versus TYG03.

A bit confused
which ones are confirmed G02 for $1.40 more?

These zag. GG10 is supposed to work as well.

Are you sure these are not valueline? Has anyone ordered them to confirm?

The ones from shop4tech are. I am pretty sure they are not value line as they are not listed as such like the others are.

All yuden printable comes in shrink wrap, even the dvd+r.

I ordered the ones from shop4tech and they were tyg02. They did not come as valueline.

The TY Inkjet, they burn great, so I dont think they belongs to the value line. I got them a few months back from Supermediastore. I am done with media shopping for a long time, but hope you guys out there get TYG02. Good Luck

Not trying to argue the virtues of 03’s vs. 02’s, especially given the nominal price difference as pointed out by MegaDETH and Jesterrace. Just saying the 03’s have burned well for me…I’m hoping they hold up well, I guess they should. Here’s a recent scan:

But both of the ones posted from meritline and supermediastore specifically list that they are value line. Or were you talking about the ones from shop4tech?

Maybe I shouldn’t post this but anyway here is a scan my shop4tech TYG02 printable at 12x

And here’s a scan of a value line TYG02, burnt at 8x on a Nec 4570. This Nec 4570 drive does not do well with any media EXCEPT the TYG02, but boy, does it do well with these.

Okay, I can’t upload the file, but the total PIF was 15, the lowest I have ever personally seen.

I just bought my first TY dvds…200 of them from supermediastore for $63shipped ($58 + tax for me in CA). They are the premium line TYG02, silver thermal lacquer ones. Batch number GG000223.

I did a few burns, but the quality is nothing like I expected. These seem to vary in quality compared to the verbatim media I bought recently from buy.com. Sometimes I get single, large spikes for the PIE and PIF. I tried burning them at 8x and 4x (this came out worse than the 8x).

Maybe it is my burner/reader? I’m burning it with a BENQ 1670 and doing the quality scans with an external Liteon SOHW 812S (US05). Hopefully one of you can help me on this…thanks in advance! Sorry if this is not the right place to ask (this is my first post).

the 1670 is the newest model out and does not have good firmware support. has benQ even released a firmware for this yet?

have you tried burning the tyg02s in your liteon and seeing what kind of results that gets?

if you’re talking abou tbuy.com verbs, i assume you mean the MCC003s that were on sale a few weeks ago. if so, I’m having exactly the opposite problem in my 1640 and 1655! I get decent burns, but nothing very consistent on the MCC003s (still worth it though!) whereas with TY I get beautiful burns every time.