TYG02 really cheap



Hi, I bought this generic (no name) spindle of dvd-r8X media at canada computers for $12.00 canadian and it turns out it’s TYG02, but i don’t know if they are fake or not, they could be fakes, but if they are real that’s one awsome price, here’s a scan of one of those discs burned at 12x in my benq1620 writer. Can’t upload the image here so i posted it here:



Absolutely positively fake. Good luck.


I was thinking also that they are probably fakes because there’s no GG or TY in the serial number, but i burned a couple of them in my 1620 and 4167b burners and they seem to playback ok and the scans seem decent, so it’s still not a bad price.


I would normally assume fake, but I’ve NEVER seen any fake TY or MCC media with PIF levels approaching that. With 308 total PIF, I really doubt they are fake, even though the PI levels aren’t great.


If there is no “GG” serial stamped on the discs then they most certainly are fake.


Ok, here’s another one of these burned at 8x in a lg 4167b and scanned with 1620.



Are you sure you know to find the serial number?
Not insulting you but if you have not seen one before it can be tricky to find.

The scan looks pretty good I’d say, I would try again to find the serial number.

Are these silver top?


No, these are all white printable type i think. I checked the serial number again and don’t see and GG or TT or TY etc., I think these are just fakes but good quality, so for the price it’s not so bad. it comes to about .24cents per one before taxes and about .28cents after taxes, which isn’t bad. I had bought some fuji 16x+R media that turned out to be prodisc and it’s just horrible, i haven’t had any coasters with it yet and they all play fine on my dvd player but just horrible horrible scans with burns done on both of my writers. These seem much better then those. Here’s is a typical prodisc scan burned on my lg 4167b and the ones burned with benq1620 are eve worse.



That LG burn is the best I’ve ever seen on “fake” media. Definately better than some of my TYG03 @ 8x.


Ok, here’s another one burned on the lg4167b, maybe it could’ve been better if there weren’t a video encoding app running in the background and also a couple of other programs running in the background. By the way, the firmware on my lg4167b is flashed to the buffalo dj13 firmware which supports autobitsetting for +R and +RDL, and also makes the udma mode go from 2 to 4. Now, if i burn one of these discs on my benq1620 at 12x i get even less pifs.



I’ll say it again, I’ve never seen fakes remotely close to this quality. If these really are fakes, they are better than most media, fake or not.


Here’s one that i just burned on my benq1620 at 12x speed.



PIs kinda high to be the real authentic TY. The Peaks reach 37 to 40???
Even my cheap staples brand CMC doesn’t reach 40

Authentic TY PI peaks around 14


Did you look at his second and third scans? Max PI around 15, and low total PIF again. And a total PIF of 340 burned at 12x, those are very good results, far greater than any fake media I’ve seen.

SonnyUnlocker, look on the bottom of the discs on the dye side, look for a code printed on the inner circle (not the clear hub area, look on the inner dye ring that is not burned to). It’s hard to see, look at it in good light. Fake or not, the results are excellent.


Ok, I looked where you told me to and this is what it says there -R8X FG-25-11 and a little bit further down it says this 139, and also there are what looks to be 0000 a little bit more ahead in the same circle on the inner dye side of the disc but not on the clear hub. Canadacomputers is selling this media advertising generic grade A media. It’s the cheapest they have.


it’s real


There is no benefit whatsoever to selling real TY as generic. There is a considerable benefit to selling fake TY with the TY media ID. Not only that, but they are more expensive than real TYG02 and those scans are pretty bad for real TY.

But without a look at the serial number, who is to say. If you are happy with the price and the risk, go for it.


I just bought these cheap dvds for giving out stuff to friends and family, didn’t wanta spend too much money, after i got em i saw that the media code was TYG02, and the scans aren’t bad either so, i’m happy, and 12 dollars isn’t a big risk for me. All the dvds i burned on these play fine on all the dvd players i have. It’s not like i’m using them to archive stuff.


Ok, here’s another one burned at 8X in the lg 4167b drive.



After looking at your quality scans, I would say this is high quality media, irregardless of whether it is genuine Taiyo Yuden.