TYG02 -R and 160P6S = Bad Results

Hey everyone just had a quick question about my results with TYG02 -R disc’s
and my 160P6S drive. I have only been using Verbatim MCC004 +R disc’s in the
drive since it was new so I decided to try some TY disc’s in it since FW PSOA
supposedly fixed the lead in on them and man what a BIG mistake that was. The
drive either refuses to write the lead in or if it does then it will not write the lead
out and finalize the disc. :doh: I have only had two (2) disc’s that finished the burn
process out of the 10 or so disc that I have tried and they are unplayable :a man
guess I’m stuck with 90 or so TY’s that I can not use unless I buy a different brand
of burner. :sad: The first one I burned was @ 8x and the scan looks like crap and
the second one was @ 4x and still no joy it really made me sick :Z to see scan results
like that from TY media since it is supposedly the best out there :confused:
Well anyway here is my scan results first one is TY @ 8x second one is TY 4x and the third is the MCC004 @ 8x can anyone tell me what is wrong :confused:

Are you sure that those discs aren’t fake TY?
Which is their brand?

They are supposed to be the real deal but it makes me wonder though :confused: I bought them from Meritline.com so
I would think they are the real TY disc’s but still…with those results makes a person say hmmmmmm.
Here is the link to them I’m just glad I only bought the 100 pack and I didn’t buy the 200 or 500 pack of them. :eek:

Mmmh…maybe they are fake.
Can you burn one of them in another drive?

I noticed you said you were using the Verb MCC004+R and now you are using TYG02 -R in the 160P. Did you reset/clear the learnt media before switching brands? or maybe your 160 just doesn’t like -R media.

Even if it doesn’t like -R, it should not look that bad.
Check the Taiyo Yuden FAQ in the Blank Media subforum. Does it have the GG hub code?

If you got what’s in the picture, then they are genuine.

getit29, try a clear OPC using SmartBurn and also try enabling OHT and see how that works.

@Bryan S, yes I cleared the reset learnt media before trying the TY’s

@kg_evilboy, yes they do have have the GG code on the hub :iagree:

@Two Degrees, yes I received exactly what was in the picture so I guess they are indeed the genuine thing. :clap:

@C0deKing, already tried that it didn’t seem to help at the time. :doh:

Thank you to everyone for the help and suggestions :smiley: I think I’ve got it working pretty good now. I’m not sure if this is what caused it
or not but I did a reset learnt media and reset hyper tuning before burning the first TY disc and I even had a somewhat bad burn with the
MCC004 afterwards. I decided to try a Eeprom restore from my backup and reset lernt media and try the TY disc’s again and the results are
a lot better they are almost amazing now. :clap:

The first scan is the TY burned @ 4x the second scan is burned @ 6x and the third scan is burned @ 8x the last scan is what amazed me the
most a 67 PIF I’ve never had any disc burn with that low of a PIF before. :bow: