TYG02 Quality Question

I’m a first time buyer of TYG02. I’ve noticed that the edge of the discs seem “drippy.” There also seem to be bubbles in the hub area, but it’s difficult to photograph clearly. Is this typical of Taiyo Yuden DVD-R media?

Codes in dye area: GG000158 and 0602

Code around hub: 3A619A405080GG


Yes. I don’t think I’ve ever had TY that had smooth edges.

Completely normal for TY media to have glue marks around the edges of the discs. No need to worry.


The edge sounds normal for TY.
Bubbles/deformations in hub area can happen but very few of my TY discs have that problem, unlike a lot of my Verbatim media.

Yep, my TYs have edges like that, too. I wouldn’t worry about it :slight_smile:

Panasonic media that I have seem very clean although TYG03
Verbatim on the other hand “Prodisc” have all that hub and edges “artifacts” you described .
The most “clean” media that I’ve even seen was Sony 16X DVD+R D21 “PERFECT” edges and hub :slight_smile:

Thanks for the responses, guys. :slight_smile:

minaelromany: Are you talking about MIJ, MIT or MIL Sony media?

IIRC minaelromany has MIJ SONYD21 that he got from his brother in the States. My MIJ Sony is has completely smooth edges and no air bubbles, too.

Exactly .

Although far from those excellent QSs of TY T02 , G02 or CMC Verbatims , they are very consistent and the discs look [B]PERFECT[/B] .

I am very unfortunate with media , two days ago my brother went to BB to buy his first PC and they also have Verbatims on sale for 14.98 $ , I asked my brother to look for serif font that would indicate CMC made , and they were all Prodisc made :sad: