TYG02 - QScan Results?

I have a 1620, (B7T9). I ordered 50 TYG02 (DVD-R) from Rima. com. When I run QScan 1.0 it tells me they will not burn at 12x or 16x and yet Infotool tells me that 12x and 16x are supported by this media with this drive. Can anyone shed any light on this? Thanks so much.

Don’t take QScan result too seriously, try to burn (ie waste) one disk with Nero CD Speed “create data disk” and run Quality Scan.

Below link shows a good quality scan of TYG02. Quick QScan was done before “create data disk” and it says no good @16x, but see the result for your self.

Thanks zevia. I did what you suggested. Here are the results. They are not as good as yours. Any suggestions to improve my results?

I notice that you have WOPC turned off. What is that, how would I turn it off, and should I? Would it improve my score?

My Quality Score is 97. Should I be satisfied with that and not really bother to try to improve it substantially?

That’s an excellent burn!! You should feel safe burning your valuable data with your 1620 and TYG02 with that kind of scan. Oh by the way, we usually set the standard speed on CD Speed Quality Scan to 8x (yours is set to max).

Don’t worry about my scan. I’ve wasted about 400 disks to get that kind of scan (60 of them is TYG02). :smiley:

Thanks for the reassurance that all is well with my 1620. :smiley:

I notice that you have a Plextor 716 as well. Originally I was going to buy that drive but when the first ones were sold, there were many problems and I went with the Benq. At some point I will need another drive for my other PC. I have had Plextor products in the past and was never sorry that I spent the extra money. In your opinion, now that Plextor has resolved those intial problems, is the 716 and its software bundle clearly superior to the Benq 1620? Thanks.

damn was that @16x…97 !!!

This was a 16x burn

cough…cough… [are we in BenQ forum?] cough… cough…

Okay, let’s see if I can educate myself… Few months ago PX-716A WAS superior to Benq 1620 in this area:
1- advanced CD Audio processing
2- Overburn to >4.38GB
3- Write Speed with PowerRec disabled (similar to WOPC disabled)
4- SpeedRead (rip faster than BenQ)
5- DVD-R write quality (both drives show excellent DVD+R write quality on recommended media-TY, MCC, MXL, RICOHJPN.

#1 and 2, PX-716A is still superior to 1620.
#3 and 4 the other way around now.
For #5, hm… on TYG02 1620 is much more better, for most other DVD-Rs I think 716a is better.

Regarding quality scan software, I like Nero CD Speed better than Plextools because of its simplicity. Nero, in one pass you can get all PIE-PIF-Jitter, with Plextools you need to do 3 scans for get PIE, PIF and Beta/Jitter.

To sum up, you need to determine your own needs to choose for your second drive. Both drives are excellent in my opinion. :cool:

My first TG02 @16x …not nearly as good as everyone elses…clearly my drive is just not top notch…
now how siginificant is high PIE, PIF is about in total what I see with a TY02 16x burn…but better max…only 6

also the label is wrong this was an iso I recorded with Nero…backup files and photos

Is that TYG02 from rima? I would try another tyg02, maybe from bestbuy (fuji)? Bestbuy has an easy return policy, try 1-2 media if you are not satisfied then return the whole spindle. You do know that fuji ±R is on sale until this Saturday @bestbuy. If both OEM and Fuji TYG02 show similar scan, than your hypothesis about your drive is probably true.

These tg02 are Fuji BB spindle…I will try a couple more

verbatim pastel @16x

Here is a middle of the spindle burn…random…16x on my overclocked setup…98 very nice PIF but again alot more PIE than others…this was nero create a disc

second scan was non overclocked system.@16x …again a random disc out of the spindle…so my overclocking is not the issue…this was an iso burn

may try to use Nvidia drivers again…not sure does iso burn create poorer burns(my system was defragged last night)

BTW this was made on the burner in my external enclosure…Aug 2004 MAde in Malayasia…my first burn above was on Aug 2004 made in china(now in my external enclosure)

wonder if the Neo 2 Plat is not as good for burning…I am using the ms ide drivers

What is the break point for these Quality Scores? Is there a range that is considered acceptable, and conversely a number below which a person should be concerned?

Why, given a quality drive, good software and high quality media, is there such a range of scores? Thanks.