TYG02 nd-3500ag

okay so i have TYG02 media in my usb 2.0 enclosure burning some dvd’s

i was using herrie’s 2.17 but was getting buffer issues with discs, all writes at 12x failed, writes at 8x okay but during the burn the buffer fluxuates down to 7% ( nero 6.20 )
I flashed to 2.f8 HERRIE and still had the same trouble, same thing with 2.f8 TDB

I have some ritek 8x dvd-r’s (RITEKG05) that burn fine @ 8x with the buffer staying at 97-99%, with all 3 firmwares, whats the dealio? i thought TYG02 was supposed to be some really good media

If it’s real TYG02 it is good, but there’s a lot of fake TYG02 media about. But in your case, have you tried other 12X 16X media?
Perhaps your encloser can’t transfer the data fast enough.

no i have not tried other 12x or 16x media, but i can rip dvd’s at 16x… but why would it work fine with the ritek @ 8x and not the TYG02? just tested at 6x and the buffer still drops to 7% with this media… :a

is the TYG02 branded, if so, which brand?

package is not branded but got them @ shop4tech - they called em “Matrix”

They are rumoured to be fake, but i couldn’t say, i haven’t tried any of them.
TYG02 was sold in the UK under the Mirror brand from several dealers, they all proved to be fake. Similar name?

remove the drive from the external case and fit it to a IDE channel on PC, see if burns then.

same problem when hooked up via IDE… this mean its fake media?

Matrix is also fake, if you can return, do, cause these discs suck.

goallover are selling the TYG02 media code aswell. also just found out yesterday that the datawrite red 8x version over the v3 4x that were infosmart are now TYG02 as my dad got some at a computer show here in the uk. they are fake as they were brought for £6.00 for 25 DVD-Rs but are very good and prove to be just as good as the last fake TYG02 pack i brought. hope this helps. by the way it might be the nec OPC kicking in on the media dropping the speed maybe but i can’t guess really as you have no problem with ripping.

Sorry, but it kinda looks that way :frowning:

results burning tyg02 ( fake - marketed as "Matrix )
@ 12x


Can you burn one from CD Speed by selecting Create Data Disc option, and post the result of the burn?

written @ 4x:

I got some of the matrix 1-8x from shop4tech.com also… they are definately fake tyg02 unfortunately for 21.00 (including shipping) it is not worth returning them and I don’t have the patience to wait and burn them at 4x so I guess in the circular file they will go for me… (my butt hurts :a )

here are some scans…

My friend also ran into a pack of fake TYG02 discs from Fry’s under the GQ brand. The discs are clearly Matrix brand when you open the package up. Funny thing is when creating a data disc with CDSpeed at 12X, the increase in speed actually looks ok. But when the same discs are used in Nero to burn data at 12X, they failed several times. You can see my results at the following thread over at the media forum.


Attached is a scan i did with my Liteon dvdrom with CD Bremise (thx wesociety!) locking the read speed at 4X.

They are even crap burned at 4x… barely passable (this is with an aopen drive which scans at 32/32 blocks) so you need to divide by 4 to get pi errors and 32 to get pi failures when comparing to lite-on and kprobe which scans at 8/1 but still they are barely passable…

They are free anyone in the NH area that wants them can come buy and pick them up… I am tossing them out…

my real ty 02 burned at 16X have way better error rates than these puppies burned at 4x… what pieces of crap…

here is what shop4tech.com can do to me:
(warning may affend some people that is why I did not attach as image)
also may violate site policy not sure…

<A href=“http://stage1.icentrix.com/chandy2004.gif” target=“popup”>http://stage1.icentrix.com/chandy2004.gif</a>

The Fuji 8X +R’s fom newegg.com (100pack) appear to be real TY’s, They have been working relatively well, except for bandwidth issues with my USB 2.0 enclosure.

It was mentioned that this NEC was in a USB 2.0 Enclosure. I’m wondering which one because over at this thread http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=108420 it is being said that USB 2.0 enclosures can only hit 13MB/sec on the USB 2.0 interface and clearly the drive sped results here show a 16x read which is about 22MB/sec.


Ive bought 100 matrix fake Ty’s and mine have no problem burning @12x, playback fine in all my standalones, i really dont care about this test gibberish anyway…as long as they play its fine with me, ive bought alot worse media from there like AN31’s.MUST002’s…etc
Bought the 100 pack from Newegg there real YUDENT002’s and burn ok @16x, 12x is almost as fast due to less OPC wasted time.
Also last week went to bestbuy and bought a 50 pack of REAL TY’s as Fuji branded, burn the same 12x as the fakes.
Will any of Liggy’s firmware strats make TY’s burn @16x?
No big deal anyway, as 16x burning seems pretty iffy right now anyway
Fastest firmware i like is Mad Dog 2f8 from TDB.
I know most of you people here are from europe or other places so you have your preferences for media and price, for the amount of burning i do cheaper is better.

hey budman. i burned some goallover at 16x with beta4 firmware with very good results on TYG02 media code. liggy has dropped the speed with this media now to 12x. switch to beta4 if you want 16x but i agree its iffy at the mo. Ritek G05 for example 16x is bad but 12x is good. hope this helps

Thanks PiracyX, i think i might have 4, maybe just 5 and up when i got home i’ll look.