TYG02 fake question


A friend of mine picked up some Taiyo Yuden DVD-r media at a computer fair in London yesterday. He paid £8 for a spindle of 25 with white printable tops.
The media code shows TYG02 and I have managed a 12x burn in a pioneer 108 with no problems (it plays on a stand alone and Xbox).

With all the fake tyg02 going around is there any way of checking or how will one know if you have the real stuff ?


A decent 12x burn is a start - the “fake TY” generally doesn’t tolerate overspeeding.

sidetrack abit . this is how my liteon 1633s burned a fake YUDEN02 at 8x

i tried this fake media in tdk1616 at 12x and 16x . half way sure failed.

Use the serial code numbering to check if there genuine TY.

Can you please post some example of a TY fake media code? Thanks

The “fake” MID code will look very similar to the real TY MID code.
You can identify genuine TY by the serial number on the disc:

Looking similar, means that it will be difficult/impossible to know it by just looking at the media code?
So this means that Media code can be easily forged!? Gladly, there are some visual differences so one can check if a certain disc is fake or not: As you say, the serial number and even the packaging.
Thanks, Wesociety.

Yes, MID codes are easily forged and the practice has become very common unfortunately. :(:frowning:

Not mid but use the numbers on the disc. To check if you get the real stuff.
Also overall feeling of the media is most time enough. TY is prety clean made unlike most of the fake Hongkong stuff I have seen.


There are two numbers etched between the end of the dye ring and the start of the clear plastic and the center hole - around the rings - should be “GG000098” the other is “0404” then there is another batch number in the clear area that is thirteen digits long with two letters at the start and end-

The MID code is the disc identifier that is read by your burner and also shown by Nero and DiscInfo


bigmike, the numbers etched into the dye ring will vary depending on the batch of discs, but the GGxxxxxx will remain.