TYG02 (fake?) and my new 1633S.. impossible to burn good discs



Been trying for two days to get my 1633S (I’m on my second one now), and with multiple f/w’s, currently crossflashed CS09, to burn good on my TYG02 DVD-R. I think they are fake because they were bought cheap at yesbuy.
Regardless, they burn fine and with decent results in my Pioneer 105, but in my lite-on 1633, they don’t even finish burning. 4x, or 8x, can’t be done. Here is a pic of what the disc usually looks like.
I have successfully burned DVD-RW discs, DVD+R Princo, andn DVD+Rw

any idea what the problem is? To summarize
I have a lot of these discs
They burn good in Pioneer 105
1633s, tried BS0K, BS0S, BS0S patched, and CS09 patched
1633 Burns a few other discs OK.
Tried as master only, slave, slave only, and master with slave and slave with master.
Tried new IDE cable
Nforce2 board with MS drivers not nforce (tried both).

advice appreciated!


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Unfortunately Liteon drives cannot burn some media, especially poor quality media. My only suggestion is to get better quality media for the Liteon. :wink:


I am not sure about this but I don’t believe that TYG02 is real Taiyo Yuden.
The name is misleading.

Did you try to change the write strategy with Omnipatcher? In the past I also bought some cheap media that gave me bad results using the original write strat (coasters). Then I changed the strat with omnipatcher to the strat for a better media. And believe it or not. The results were a lot better.

That makes me sometimes think that we pay for the strategy and that the cheap media isn’t that bad at all. Codeking how do you look to this?

Maybe you can also give CS0C a try.


Any suggestions as to what code? Both of these burns used 0/52, both these at 8x. First with the Liteon disc that came with the drive, and the second with the TYG02’s I have.

both aren’t the best but the liton disc is better


Definitely not compatible with the Yuden. Try the most up-to-date firmware, or get your $ back (Lite On).


Those TY are definitely fake… no write strategy can lead to such a bad result. It is not the drive, but obvious the media. Get your $ back for the media not for the writer


Wow I can’t believe it!

I have been trying for days to get my Sony R56A drive crossflashed to LiteOn SOS or Sony D56A but it’s been failing consistently to write to my -R media…

…which just so happens to be TYG02 from www.scan.co.uk

Now, I’m not saying that they are fake but it’s very mysterious!! They were very cheap…

I’ll go to PC World and get some brand name -R’s tomorrow and try the sony drive again with the crosspatched firmwares. Fingers crossed it is just the media and that I can crossflash successfully…


TDK DVD-R 8x from Tandy work perfectly!!!
Wow, I must have dodgy TYG02 disks - shame I wasted all that time…