TYG02 DVD-R media from Rima bad?

I just recently purchased from Taiyo DVD-R media from Rima.com. I went to Rima because of the good reports that they sell genuine TY media. I’m a quality oriented person and always try to buy the best media.

I have three DVD burners at home. A Pioneer DVR-106, NEC ND-3520A and a Lite-On LDW-451S. I usually use the Pioneer and NEC, with the LiteOn being mainly used for Kprobe scans.

My last batch of 4X TY media was excellent. I received the new batch of 8X TYG02 media yesterday. I took 3 discs and burned a bunch of files to test the media on each of my 3 burners at either 4X or 8X, depending on the burner. What I found after a Kprobe scan makes me sick. I don’t know if I should just throw them all away, or return them to Rima (if I can) and just buy a new batch. All the media has the genuine “GG” code on the rim, so it appears to be real TY media. Did their QC go down hill?

All these were scanned with KProbe at a 4x speed. 8x was just as bad, if not worse.

Here is a scan from a LiteOn burned disc, burned at 4X.

Here is my Pioneer, burned at 4X.

Here’s the NEC, burned at 8x

For comparison sake, here is a typical good scan from one of my older 4X Taiyo media burned on my Pioneer.
Big difference from the above pics!

Can anyone tell me why the 8X Taiyo media is so much worse than the 4X Taiyo media? I used three different burners, but the only constant was my LiteOn doing the scan with KProbe. However, it does show that it can scan other media correctly, so it can’t be a bad reader.


isen`t that a cd?

also the only bad scan you have there is the one burned in the 106 which is not the best burner in the world, i would burn them in the nec if i was you.

1st, none of these scans is all that “bad”,
2nd, the 106 does not appear to have proper firmware support for 8x media.
3rd, the sampling counts are extremely low on all scans, something that you should look into.

The 106 is an excellent burner for DVD-R media. It’s always done good on all media over the past year except this new 8x media. Is there a firmware upgrade to the A06?

You’re right about that CDR. My bad. In any case, my Ty 4X DVD-R’s look just as good. :bigsmile:


I have also heard reports that the 451 is not that good for scans and I noticed that you are a few firmwares old. I agree that these are not that bad. Also get your firmware updated and see what happens.

I upgraded to the latest firmware on the LiteOn and it didn’t make it better. I’ll hope that the drive just isn’t a good reader with KProbe.

What’s the most accurate DVD reader/writer in terms of performing KProbe (or similar) tests?


There’s no such thing as “accurate” where error scanning is concerned. It is what it is. It’s either a good reader or not, the errors don’t exist on the disc itself.

To the original poster: you still haven’t accounted for the extremely low sampling counts in Kprobe.

I admit I stopped all the scans before the end of the DVD. I figure 20-30% was good enough to get a gist of the scan. I was impatient.

It looks like I may ditch my Pioneer after all. The NEC was a friends so I don’t own it, and I don’t want to use my LiteOn, so a new ND-3520A it is…

(DVD-R media is a must for me. I won’t use DVD+R, so the NEC is the best bet still??)


My NEC and my LG both burn equally well with any of my media. I would go for NEC, but you might want to wait a few weeks for the 3540.

I can also vouch for the TYG02s from rima.com. Excellent media. I concur that your Lite-On is probably at fault here.