TYG02 burn and verify on BenQ DW1625 but don't work afterwards



i recently bought some tyg02’s, before this i’ve used mostly sony, various cmc, and other random media which has always worked fine.

the problem is that my benQ 1625 will burn stuff on the disc, it will verify just fine, but none of them work afterwards. explorer shows a blank disc with 0 bytes and no files, my NEC’s say ‘no disc’, dvd players won’t play, and the only indication that there is anything on it at all after i burn is that powerdvd will sometimes be able to play a few very choppy segments of video off the disc.

my NEC drives burn these same discs without a problem.

i have the most recent BBIA firmware, and have tried updated HP640C firmware, but with the same results. what could be causing this?


A disc quality scan with your BenQ would be interesting.


there’s the problem… cd-dvd speed says that it is an open dvd-r, my computer shows it as a blank disc, and the start button in dvdspeed is grayed out as if it is blank. however, disc info confirms it is not blank-- it shows “recorded with BENQ.”


Were they branded or unbranded TY’s? If branded, what brand? Also, can you see a batch code on them? It’s in the inner area of the purple dye and goes GGxxxxxx where the x’s are numbers :slight_smile:


Sometimes some programs like to block access to discs while they are open.

Do your older “working discs” work right now as well or not?


What program are you using to burn these disks? It seems that they are “open”


Are they those Silver top DvD-Rs? I bought a spindle of them and they were mostly crap.


these are unbranded ‘genuine ty’ g02’s from Rima; GG000276

all other discs burned with my BenQ work perfectly. i used these TY’s in my NEC3551 as well, burning the same exact thing as with the BenQ, and they all work, with good scanned results also:

i’m burning files & images with the latest Nero, never let me down. the option to close the discs was set as well so i dont know why they show up as blank open discs.

silver ‘thermal laquer’ or whatever… im getting good results in my other two burners, just the benq is messing them up…


bah! why is my benq turning into a coaster factory…


What has the topic title to do with your post??

The problem is that it wont play, not that it wont burn…


what title do i need then…

the problem’s in the burning not the playback, obviously if it doesnt burn properly.


You wrote “the problem is that my benQ 1625 [B]will burn stuff on the disc, it will verify just fine[/B]”, so the disc has been burnt, otherwise a verify would be impossible.

BTW, did you burn using Multisession mode?


no, no multisession.

i dont get how it can verify but not work afterwards… even tho the same image on the same media with a different drive works without problem.

i’ll start a new thread with a better title…


You could ask a moderator to change the thread title to something more relevant :slight_smile:


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[B]TYG02 burn and verify on BenQ DW1625 but don’t work afterwards[/B]

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ok thanks…

‘TYG02’s don’t work after burning’

does that sound relevant enough?


@DrageMester- that works also.


So far, such issues were mostly due to problems with either bad drivers or nasty software installed.

Bootinto SAFE MODE, try to access the media/content, or try it on another computer.

Please tell us the results.


the media wasn’t working in any of my computers when i tried it, was not working in safe mode either. i think there probably were some driver problems, because i switched my benq1625 and nec3550, and they both seem to be working fine now that they’re in different computers.