TYG02 bad?

So…I just got myself a 100pack oem TYG02 from memoryexpress in Canada. I know it is genuine. I noticed that the PIFs are a little high. I consistently get 97 score, no matter the speed of the burn. I’ve tried 8x and 16x with similar results (ie. about the same avg. and max PIF and PIE and jitter. PIE max is a little higher for 16x)

here is a scan of one of the better burns

burned at 16x
SB on/on
OS on

is there something wrong with this batch? I’ve tried both BSLB and the latest BSRB and got similar results.

I’ve also noticed a very thin, lighter coloured ring near the inside of the recording surface. This is present on EVERY disk in the 100 spindle. I though this was where the recording was supposed to commence, but after burning one of them, I noticed that the thin ring gets burned over. I don’t know the effects of this on burns, but I do know that it is somewhere from 0-500mb on the disks.

I think thats a good scan for TYG02, on par with most of my TYG02 burns(see below). I do seem to get a slightly better burn with SB off/on.(go figure)especially with T02 media.

By the way, here is what 00 T02 looks like with SB off/on

Could anyone know what the different between of TY disc:
ID: YUDEN000 T02

the yuden000 T02 is DVD+R 8x
the TYG02 is DVD-R 8x

Thanks for your replies. Now I feel better inside :stuck_out_tongue:

but is the “coloured ring” problem I mentioned in the first post applicable to all TYG02’s?

do you guys see it?

They all have that ring, your discs are fine. Thats about a good a scan your going to get. Your TYG02 are 8x burn discs, so if you use overburn I would only go to 12x. If it’s for archival material, I would keep it at the 8x.

@ tingc222 - Try doing a quality scan at @16x… if your batch is compromised, you will likely get really heavy PIF at about 3.5gb into the scan. Also do a benchmark read test to see if the transfer curve is clean. For at 16x burn, this looks quite good… 8x with TY is usually the best for me. Try burning with WOPC off on the 1640 - that’s best for me.

hmm…i did a 16x scan and the PIF wasn’t bad (total 500 some, peak 6). The PIE ended up in the 600 000’s so that’s a bit high. Looks good.

I think I’m just too picky

So join the genuinely picky club, and stop worrying about petty differences in PIE/PIF numbers in scans as “standard” speeds… that’s just sport, nothing else.
But DEMAND [I]comfortably in-specs figures in 16X scans[/I] and [I]100% perfect reading curves in transfer rate tests in several drives[/I], with a test disc burnt [I]at its full capacity[/I]. Now that’s being picky with media. :wink: (guess what? I’m picky :bigsmile: )

them scans look nice also if their burning/reading fine and ure getting scans like that i would think its nothing to worry about :slight_smile:

Hehe, media is way too expensive to justify me personally being picky with high-speed scans - I’d probably end up ditching most of my discs :wink:

If they TRT well, and for movies, play all the way through on a standalone without fuss, that’s good enough for me :slight_smile:

I have the same low standards as Arachne. I mean for burning :wink:

LOL! :stuck_out_tongue:

To get back on topic just a tad, I too think the scans are fine. Assuming TRTs are good too, of course. :slight_smile:

Yes :iagree: Many of us would love to see scans of our 16X Burns on 8X media look that good :bigsmile:

Or even 8x burns on 16x media! :wink:

how about an 8x disc burnt @ 18x :slight_smile: ? :iagree:

MCC03RG20 is 16x rated media, not 8x rated media. :wink:

Hehe, I once burned a T02 at 16x, that came out great at “standard” scan speed :bigsmile:

And well spotted Drage :wink:

ok ill take u a pic of the disk then shall i its an 8x ridisc :slight_smile:

No matter what the disc 'sez, marcus, MCC03RG20 media identification code clearly is 16X -R, generally Verbatim.