TYG02 8X - Still good media?



hi, i am using a nec3550a for burning, primarily at 8x for best archival quality. i am concerned about some 8x g02’s i found on the internet, because of the low price (29c/disc) and the fact that this media code has been produced for a long time now. how do i know that they were not produced more than a year ago? (which would affect write/archival quality…)

Taiyo Yuden Premium 8X DVD-R Media Silver Thermal Lacquer in Cake Box Spindle (Premium Line)
Product Code: DVD01X0165
Manufacturer: Taiyo Yuden - Made In Japan
Media ID: TYG02
Mfr part #: DVD-R47ZZSB8

i know the 16x are newer, but they are more expensive and it would not make much sense for me to buy 16x when i burn mostly at 8x anyway.

ALSO, since they are dvd-r’s not dvd+r’s, can i still expect good quality and archival life from these ty’s?


Where are you purchasing them from? If they’re genuine Taiyo Yuden unbranded, they should be fine for archival use :slight_smile:


this is coming from SuperMediaStore, supposedly one of the best (and the few) reputable places to buy media…
how do i know if they’re genuine or not?

if they were manufactured more than a year ago this would affect the burn quality, would it not? im suspicious because it only costs $34 for a 100 cakebox, cheaper than newegg though they still sell 8x too and i guess its possible their media could be dated too… so what do you guys think?


They’re genuine. Regarding how old the media is, that depends on the media in question, and the storage conditions. I have media that’s 3-4 years old and they still burn great, but media with poor stability and/or questionable storage conditions can be awful after that length of time. Long story short, people order TY from these online retailers all the time and results are usually very good. Ironic that you bring up Newegg, if I recall correctly people had gotten some bad TY from them so although they’re a good retailer, I wouldn’t be sure that they’re necessarily the best place to look for TY.


i figured as much; newegg only carries 6 TY products and the majority of their media is verbatim, which varies in quality (although i hear the new tyg03’s dont live up to the ty reputation of quality)… newegg is mostly hardware anyway, and amazing at that- i got my burner in the mail the next morning; it was at the door before their invoice got to my outlook inbox.

anyway, at that price for genuine TY i will give it a go if you think its good… previously i have bought open-box sony 50pk dvd+r’s at bestbuy for 9.99 but they must have changed their forklift operator cause he was ripping too many pallets :wink:

what online retailers ARE known for consistent media quality?


For the most part, the stores that sells the media reflecting disc quality is little more than myth. The same can sometimes be said about brands too.

All that matters is the manufacturer.

Exceptions exist, but are few and far between, don’t get suckered into online forum myths.


i got the TY 100 cakebox off Rima for $26, guess we’ll see in a few days…


I order all my TY’s from Rima and always get Grade A discs from them.