TYG02 8x DVD-R and NEC ND3500A



Anyone use these discs? What Firmware do you use with the NEC ND3500A to make them burn properly? I’m having poor luck with this media code (Actually Dupsonic 8x DVD-R with TYG02 media code) and getting good burns. Firmware suggestion would sure be appreciated. Also what speed are you burning at? Thanks for any help you all can provide. :slight_smile:


I am using these disc from Sony brand and I love them I have no problem what so ever to burn these DVD-R (4X) TYG01 at 12X. Use LD_V! _R3 or later version and you are happy. They are very good disc as far as I am concern. Go to the following site and select the modded f/w that best suit you for this disc.




Have had very good results with the TY 8x -R media in both of my 3500’s and using somewhat dated (but good) firmware-

Actually my 3500’s seem to perfer 8x -R media - if it is the good stuff like Ritek, TY, Verbatim and Maxell-



I knew you’d be in here… You big, overground, -R Freak! :wink: :wink: :wink: Mikey likes 'em.



Wow. :eek: I justed looked cause you said something and I found out 218_liggy_Ritek_SE sucks with FUJIFILM TYG02 at 8x, I got a zero for a quality score @8x. So I went back to 218btrpc1 and with the same movie and media @ 8x got a score of 93. :slight_smile:


Hmmm, thanks PC-GUY. I’ll give that a try then. I’ve tried Mad Dog 2.FA, Liggy & Dee’s various firmwares and some firmware from Quikee. Mike, what firmware did you use by chance since you said it was “older”? I’ll also try that. I got about 90 of these things left after burning a bunch of coasters and am just starting to think they are Fake TY’s from Dupsonic. Buuuuut, if I can get them working I sure would like to. :slight_smile: Ahhhh, nevermind, Mike… see you are using Herrie’s 2.17b firmware, I’ll have to give that a shot as well. :smiley:



I wanted to thank you. While it’s a craptacular scan it did play back perfectly in a very picky player I have and it is in the “passable” range as far as discs go. Whether it was a fluke of the batch and just happened to be a good one or the firmware that made a difference I don’t know yet. I’m hoping the firmware solved the problem for me now. :smiley:


Didn’t think that ritek media was considered quality. My own experience (limited) with them suggests they are sub-standard. I have also read many posts that talk about varying quality from batch to batch. Has their quality control improved? Are they worth trying again?


My TYG02 burn fine at 16x in my NEC 3500.

Are you sure yours are genuine? There are a lot of fake TY media out there at the moment.


Dupsonic is not Taiyo Yuden media, it simply carries the TY media code. Braxas, get your hands on some genuine TYG02 (like unbranded from rima.com or Fujifilm-branded) and then you will see some true results.


Thanks guys. I read the Fake TY thread last night and these certainly seem to be fake. I think I’m going to avoid Newegg now when I buy media and just stay with Rima and Meritline when it comes to that. I never though Newegg would let such crap media be sold on their website. :frowning: I did order a DVD+R/RW Sample Pack from Rima since it had a pretty good selection of media in it. So I can test 1 of each of those discs in my NEC and BenQ to find out what each Burner seems to prefer. Should be interesting to see. Then when I need to order more media I’ll know what to get. Plus that sample pack has 2 Taiyo Yuden 8x DVD+R’s in it so I’ll get to see TY quality as well! :smiley:


Well, since I need media (kinda - I need quality media at least…) I order a 100 pack of Taiyo Yuden 8x DVD+R from Meritline.com. The Silver Thermal ones. Hoping these work out ok with my BenQ and NEC ND-3500AG… Wasn’t too bad at $53 or whatever it was after shipping charges thrown in for the 100 pack. :slight_smile: Could’ve gotten the Ritek 8x DVD+R’s for a few dollars cheaper but when it’s that close might as well go with the brand everyone says is the best.


Yo Braxas-

Glad to have helped -

and to spryfly-I have burned a lot (over 100) of Ritek 8x -R in my movie backups - have never had a coaster and always get very good burns - ofcourse I buy my media from either Rima, Newegg or Super Media Store - so I know I am getting “A” grade medias - also if I can get Maxell at the same price as Ritek - I’ll go with the Maxells-

And pcdoc - hey what can I say - except - Yup I’m a -R freak to the bone!!!