TYG02 100pk for £16.99 Limited Offer!


Is it worth getting? The good thing is that I can collect from their warehouse in person and save delivery so it only costs me £16.99! One thing though, on the right it says DATASAF095 as the item number so these must be the datasafe pro disks but I thought they only did them in packs of 10? Anyway I’m gonna order them and give em a try hopefully they’ll be good eh? :bigsmile:

The comments at SVP aren’t that good. While some consider this product to be excellent, others don’t like it.

And TYG02 in general is, according to some users’ experiences, a slightly problematic disc type.

I would recommend YUDEN000 T02 over TYG02. :slight_smile:

eek!!! Never saw that on svp. Thanks kg for the info! :cool: Sure makes me think twice about buying them :doh:

“Duplication Grade” and the low price somehow makes me suspicious.

Let us know how they turn out - let’s hope they’re good. :slight_smile:

Oh what the hell I’m gonna buy them anyways and see how they turn out. If they do indeed turn out to be like the horror stories that some people have wrote about on svp then I can just return them to bigpockets for a refund. I’ve bought media from them before and they are a good bunch of lads so will give it a try :stuck_out_tongue:

would you recommend TYG02 over TYG03/T03 which is mostly around these days ?


[B]edit[/B], just noticed it’s for datasafe, forget my post, blonde moment :bigsmile:

This would depend on the burner of the user, the presentation, the availability, the price and on the projected use of the disc.

If you have a [U]recent[/U] 16x or, even better, a 18x or 20x DVD burner: YUDEN000 T03 and TYG03 should be good.
If you have access to branded TYG02 (That’s, Verbatim, Panasonic), the branded TYG02 should be better than unbranded TYG02…


You’ll see a comment by a CJ on svp site re these Datasafe. Glad that svp lowered the price (as i suggested :wink: ) because they weren’t really comparable with real TY unbranded. (Also see my comments in Fake TY section. I never believe that svp would decieve anybody but i could be afraid Datasafe witheld information)

Also i just ordered TYG03 “unbranded” printable. I got word from svp these are exactly the same discs as in the “branded” tubs… I’m pretty sure they aren’t same quality at 2/3 price and i’ll let them [U][B](and you guys)[/B][/U] know in case :wink:

^ Id go for the Verbatim YUDEN0000T03, its around £4.99 for 25 @ SVP seems to burn better than the TYG03 for most, plus its branded.

[QUOTE=>:|sh4d0w|:<]^ Id go for the Verbatim YUDEN0000T03, its around £4.99 for 25 @ SVP seems to burn better than the TYG03 for most, plus its branded.[/QUOTE]

Kind of me too but if the TYG03 are any good it’s a bargain :bigsmile: … but i’m not so sure :sad: I use (printable) Verbatim MCC004 or TY T02 for HQ presentation but am willing to try something new if it sounds ok? :wink:

I have the very first batch of TYG03 silver printable and while they weren’t perfect scans everything else was fine (and the scans weren’t that bad either) :slight_smile:

hi m8 i buy Taiyo Yuden (8x) Full-Face Printable DVD-R should these not be as good as branded ? thx HERE or are these classed as branded as they proper TY.

I guess T-Y have tons of surplus they made for datasafe???

Anyway there are other places also offering these discs

UKDVDR have them at £15.99

That’s one of the most excellent discs. Wish i had enough money to only use these. Also T02 + MCC004 printable are perfect with all hardware i ever put them in. Top of the pops :bigsmile: