TYG02 100 pack CAN$27, genuine?

Well today I bought a 100 pack (cake) for CAN$27 from Canada Computers. Apparently the result is impressive, regardless of whether it is fake or not, under my Benq 164W (1640 external) burned at 8x… Last month I spent CAN$60 on a TYG03 100 pack from another local computer store. It should be real because I saw their stock inventory with boxes originated from Japan. The shrink wrap also shows “Taiyo-Yuden DVD-R16x” with a barcode sticker and an information sheet (in Japanese) inside.

Now I can’t say if the current TYG02 from Canada Computers is genuine. No information on the shrink wrap, no barcode sticker and no information sheets. But the case seems to be identical to the one from the other local store. Nero test attached.

P.S. This price still makes me confused. It could also be a very high quality inferior (therefore no name). I wonder how much is an 100-pack TYG02 in Japan? :confused:

Its easy to tell by physically looking at the discs. Look at this thread http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=112854

If there’s a code starting with ‘GG’ on the inner hub, they’re genuine (look closely). But I can tell you from the scan alone, they’re genuine. :wink:

Check for a GG (-R) or TG (+R) or (TH 16x +R) on the inner hub dye surface. They are probably genuine, but what you got are VALUE LINE. There are stores in Canada selling both the regular Taiyo Yudens (premium) and the VALUE LINE. I have ordered a spindle of 100 value line myself and they give similar scans, in fact, strangely they give better scans than my premium by far, however, those are variable in quality, you will either get TYG02 or TYG03, I have value line TYG02 and they burn just fine at their rated 8x. You should have a sticker on the shrink wrap saying VALUE LINE, most honest retailers will put a sticker…Those value lines do not meet Taiyo Yuden’s strict test, although I personally think their QC leaves a lot to be desired lately, the value lines are still good discs compared to the crap out there. I highly doubt that at that price you paid you got premium. BTW, both the premium & value have the TG/GG/TH/GH codes.

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now if bestbuy and staples will make my day south of the border

Thanks guys, I did find GG on the inner hub. I just bought another 2 spindle today :bigsmile:

that scan tells you they are genuine and from a very good batch/run

TaiyoYuden has a hard time making disks that good, forget imitators/clones/fakes
ever achieving that level of quality