TYG02 - 100 pack - $28.99 + shipping - Meritline


Has anyone tried these? The picture does not look like a Taiyo Yuden cake box.

They are just “claiming” the TYG02 media ID/write strategy it seems…

about your only recourse is to page through the user reviews and to see if the TYG02 has been mentioned before. It is true that doesn’t look like the TY cakebox, but even if it were the right cakebox, the only way to know for sure is to find someone that ordered these from them before. I’m checking that out right now.

After taking another look they are definately not genuine TY’s. They are manufactured/marketed by High Quality which is known not to be genuine. They listed the media under the Taiyo Yuden media link on the store which made me wonder.

this is why shopping at reputable stores like newegg, rima and supermediastore is preffered - spending a few more dollars is definitely better than getting media that causes you disappointment and frustration…

Here’s another “curve ball”: with the reviews posted, few are negative. What few there are (that are negative) revolve around high shipping rates (UPS), to which Meritline’s response is always the same (sorry). Interestingly, there are no detailed reviews of media ordered in terms of error rates, mids… and one I posted there was not listed and must have been deleted from the list, as it was highly detailed and by email they (Meritline) even asked me to REDO my evaluation. I would say that since Meritline has no problem selling Riteks (known for dubious quality at best) and gives the same cryptic answers in general, I would say unless you know several people with good experiences on a certain item, then you could order that item with confidence. Otherwise, it appears the BizRate rating for Meritline is really kind of a joke (although BizRate is usually very accurate for other merchants I’ve used) and for them at least not indicative of the true ‘quality’ of their service. Any time they had the opportunity to correct something, it was ‘email us’ and keep their response hidden. “Dodgy” actions like that make me suspicious, because if you’re a top-notch retailer, you’ll list every review and every response for all the world to see; if you’re in the business of hiding things, you’ll be evasive in some ways at least. So my evaluation? Don’t order these TYG02s from Meritline, b/c there’s no real information to go on–and that’s usually a recipe for trouble more times than not.

Good eye, Jason. :iagree:

After reading all 12 pages of the 'brands that are fake Taiyo Yudens" thread, it is true that the TY cakebox design means it is possible that media is genuine TY–but does not guarantee it.

Yup definitely fakes. I don’t trust re-brands at all unless they are a brand that has been confirmed time and time again to be authentic. BTW take a look at www.resellerratings.com It is a more accurate projection of what meritline’s ratings are really like.