TYG02/03 bad burns with Pioneer 108/Nec 6650A?

I decided to do some scans when one of my videos started to restart - unless i skip the section and i got really bad scans with good media (it should be :S) :

Any suggestions what to do?/whats wrong …

Pioneer firmware was 1.14 now 1.20 and one of the stargate disks was burnt at 16x-other was at 12x.

I have also used nero and roxio as well, can get additional scans- but will take time

Do not use Pioneer for scans. Use a liteon or benq instead.

If you must use a Pioneer, I’d suggest using a Transfer Rate Test. If you seriously insist on also doing scanning with it - use the following settings:

Go to Disc Quality
Click on the “Advanced” tab.
Select “1ECC” and slide the bar over to “SPEED” instead of accuracy.

Set the scan speed to maximum and then post the results here.

Unfortunately i dont have a liteon/benq and the nec one doesn’t support it.

Heres a TRT test:

1ECC - Looks pretty much the same i think;

Also how does the quality score work - the first 2 are differnt burns of the same info, the average errors of the first are lower than the 2nd yet the quality is lower?

Quality score is stupid, don’t bother with it, it only bases the score of the maximum PIF value.

Looks like your Pioneer 108 and NEC are perhaps a little too old to burn TYG03 very well. It might be time for a new writer. You should try an 8x or 6x burn to see if it improves. It might not be wise to look too deeply at the quality scans right now, and focus more on how the TRT looks. As you can see, the TRT in the pioneer looks very wobbly towards the end which shows the drive is struggling to read back the burn. Try 8x and then do a quality scan and TRT, see if it improves.

If not, it may be time for a new writer, perhaps a Pioneer 112 :iagree:

I think i did a 4x burn and also 8x somewhere , where did it go hmmm

I think i did a 4x burn and also 8x somewhere , where did it go hmmm, theres also few on TY02 above

TRT of a 4x burn:

(disk quality is the first one in the 1st thread)

Got a burn from a pioneer 110 with the same disk

General Information
Firmware: 1.41
Disc: DVD-R (TYG03)
Selected speed: 8 X
PI errors
Maximum: 3642
Average: 781.11
Total: 13208875
PI failures
Maximum: 44
Average: 2.96
Total: 38898
PO failures: n/a
Jitter: n/a
Scanning Statistics
Elapsed time: 18:21
Number of samples: 17835
Average scanning interval: 8.00 ECC
Glitches removed: 0

TRT with pioneer 110

TRT on nec

So does this indicate the device is at fault not the media?