TYg01 sale?

anyone know when there will be another sale? Or are there some cupons for 10% off? :stuck_out_tongue:

My crystal ball is a little cloudy right now. Keep your eye on the BB forum and I’m sure something will show up. Have you checked out Ben’s Bargains?

They didn’t give an exact date. But, they did mention something about hell and snowman… /.

when hell freeze over? is that serious? :bigsmile:

Did I say that? Life is too short to be serious.

Sometimes you get, and sometimes you get got.

I believe you meant TYG02?
I “rarely” found 4x TYG01 in the local stores anymore.

How about this?

supermediastore has 100 tyg01 for $22 AC

I got lucky a couple weeks back, ordered the TYG01 from supermediastore and they sent TYG02’s :iagree:

does it include free shipping? :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi JM,
I just ordered the ones posted by Easy123; came on to tell you all of the same deal!
Anyways, my question is: are you saying TYG02’s are better than TYG01’S? This is my first TY purchase, and was glad to see the TYG01 media code, as it shows 8X write strategy for Herrie’s v2b4, which is what I have on my ND-2500A, so I can burn at 8x.

Does the TYG02, in case I get those, burn @8X also on the 2500 with v2b4??
Thanks in advance… :bow:

Nope and now it is up to $27.

Use the coupon code d5doff to get the $22 price.

still >$30 with shipping for me :frowning:

Your unhappy at that price, try living on the other side of the ocean, where they would be approx. £50 then delivery. :a

Yup, although it should be noted that these are the value TY and not the premium ones that are for sale over there. BTW bjproc, if you don’t mind going the +R route you can get Fuji labeled TY for quite cheap.

The coupon just worked for me. These TYG01s are some of the best I use. My NEC burns them at 8X with stock firmware and the scans are great.

Yo chas0039-

Bought some of these TYG01’s - last night after reading your good comments about this stuff - I’m just about out of my G05’s and I think that this will fill the bill just fine-and - yup - I got it for the $22 + shipping ($8.88 is a tad high for a DVD stack of 100-IMO)-


can you post a scan up? :wink:

Hey, anyone happen to know if you can get TYG02 in the value packs even if the label says TYG01? Just curious how far this mixing extends. :wink:

These come with no label so you never know what you get until you open the wrap. I have gotten G01 and G02 from both Meritline and Supermedia. The last from Meritline were G02.

Hey, bigmike7, let me know what you think of your BenQ after Newegg delivers. I have been rather disappointed, although TY has been good with the latest firmeware.

Glad to. They burn better at 8X on my NEC: