TYG01 media in NEC 1300a - horrendous? Please post your experiences

Because of the great KProbe scans and recommendations, I bought a load (50, well, for me that’s a lot) of Fuji-made-in-Japan Taio Yuden TYG01 DVD-R 4x discs.

I only have a LTD 166s to KProbe them in, but I would think that comparing them to other discs in that same drive would be fair.

The results of the ‘legendary’ TY are appalling! Whether I have written them at 2x or at 4x, the (8 ECC) scans are either a constant 500/40 PIPO or the drive craps out, sometimes as early as as 15%.

Writing RICOHJPN01 gives a result that’s insanely better, even when the 166s reads the disc at over 8x, it’s a 30/2 PIPO average.

Does the NEC really hate these discs?

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Does the 1300 have the proper firmware for 4x media?

It supported 4x recording-media out of the box, and had the TYG01 string in the bios, so it definately was supported.
I’ve been using Herrie’s 108v2 Holiday Edition, and he lists the discs as supported as well.

Are you certian that you got real TY? You might want to go to Best Buy and pick up a 10-pack of TY and see if it performs the same. (Fuji DVD-R 4x in jewel case 10-pack, made in Japan)

I don’t think there are any Best Buys in Holland :slight_smile:
But I bought them at cdrwinkel.com, a reputable place - and they are like you describe, Fuji made in Japan, only they come in 5-packs. Media code checks out TYG01, so they are the real thing alright.

Each and every TYG01 burned with NEC 1300a and read on LTD 166s looks almost perfectly the same, see attached image.

If anyone with a proper Lite-On DVD-Writer would like to test one of these discs for me, I’ll be sending one your way ASAP.

I am leaning towards the LTD 166s DVDROM not liking TYG01 media but would like some reassurance that I didn’t get a bad batch.

Depending on the scanning speed aand ECC setting, your scan is not altogether bad. The PO value is well within limits, it should be a readable disc. How does it perform in CDSpeed transfer rate test?

The ECC setting is 8, and the disc is read starting at 4x, ending at about 8x.

The disc is readable, absolutely. TY should perform (a lot) better though. :a

In CDSpeed test it shows a nice smooth curve, again from 4x to roughly 8x.

Using a RICHOHJPN01, and setting the booktype to DVD-ROM, KProbe reads the disc from 8x to 16x (!) at the end and giving a rather nice constant PIPO of 32/3 - five times less PI errors than the TYG01, at more than double the speed.

What I’m trying to figure out is whether the TY are a ‘relatively’ bad batch, the LTD 166s reader doesn’t appreciate them (it does do other -R fine, which was my first check), or if the NEC 1300a dislikes them.

I know there’s no need for concern about data-loss, but if some ghetto Princo’s do better, one starts to wonder… :confused:

In CDSpeed test it shows a nice smooth curve, again from 4x to roughly 8x

That tells you that the drive has no trouble reading the disc. What you are seeing is the reason why we tell everyone to not use ROM drives for scanning. If the disc is playing in every drive it needs to, then don’t worry about it.

I get the same result with Fuji and Verbatim DVD-R 4x TYG01.
Burned with Pioneer DVR-106D and scanned with LTD-166S.

I guess the DVD-ROM doesn’t like TYG01 discs.

By the way, I did a test with a Fuji disc to show how a scratch on the disc affects the result.

The PO graph had a clear bump where the scratch were made, but PI didn’t show any change at the same place.
Furthermore, the average PI with the scratch are LOWER than before the damage was made!

In other words, 166S isn’t the best tool for the job.

Normally (referring to PC Mag & AudioDev tests), TYG01 is reported to show a broad error peak in the middle of the disc … and from my K-Probe experience, I can back this up …

Take a look at this 4x -R Verbatim Coloured (TYG01)

Or look at this TDK 4x TYG01 (Jewel Case)

Both discs were written @ 4x with my LDW-411S and tested right after the cool-down from burning process … these discs are playable but PI is still too high for my taste … but this issue is related to the 411 not handling -R very well in general …

PI is still too high for my taste …

You have some pretty high expectations, those scans are perfectly good.

Originally posted by rdgrimes
You have some pretty high expectations, those scans are perfectly good.

hehe … you haven’t seen my YUDEN000 +R scans yet … :bigsmile: … with bitsetting, I can get perfect and compatible results … and 10€ for 5 Verbatim +R discs are not too much, too (if I take into account that Plextor DVD+R would cost 3,20€ for 1 disc …)