Tyan trinity 400 agp 4x question

i have a tyan trinity 400 motherboard with the latest bios.i just installed a msi ti4200 agp graphics card with the latest nvidia drivers.my problem is it does not come up as 4x in the display properties, only 2x.i have it enabled in the bios but it still shows up as 2x.anybody know how to get it to 4x?thanks

Where in the display properties are you seeing that it says 2x??

What Windows are you using??

tyan trinity 400 board
win98 se
1 ghz p3
msi ti4200 agp card
512mb ram

display properties-settings-advanced-ti4200 tab.

i have solved the problem on my tyan trinity 400 :bigsmile:

what i did was installing RivaTuner, then in RT i cleared my register with the option “Reset all the driver’s settings to their default values” then i rebooted my system and opened RT again and went to the option “System settings” ,and in System settings go to the tab “Compatibility” and selected the “Enable AGP 4x transfer rate” and reboot again.

when windows was started again i saw in cpuz and wcpuid that AGP was set to 4x :bigsmile:

goodluck :bow: