Tyan MPX Dual Athlon MP Needs Help!

Hi all,

Problem is pretty simple. I know the binflash tool does not work properly with dual Athlon chipset users, so I must resort to DOS. Can anyone point me to a resource that explains how to slip the DOS binloader into a bootable CD-ROM or the like so I can carry out my flash? Or, is the DOS version just too painful?

Help! :slight_smile:

NEC 3520A user

The exact sequence of steps that you need to follow will vary depending on what burning software that you use. Nero will allow you to make a bootable CD, and recent versions of Nero even come with a supplied DOS boot image. Read the instructions for whatever burning software you have (Nero, Roxio, etc). Generally speaking, this is not hard to do.

Okay, then once I’ve done that, I follow the instructions at: