TY8XDVDR+ Pro's: Are here any significant difference between sku's?

Other than price, printing surface & packaging, are here any known quality differences between these 3:

$27.99 per 100 + s/h at Merit Line JDPR-ZZ-SB8
$35.99 per 100 + s/h at Merit Line JDPR-WPT-SK8
$42.99 per 100 includes s/h at Merit Line JDPR-WPP-SK8

I tend to stay away from cake boxes because they aren’t packed tightly enough & they tend to get scratched during shipping. But the $27.99 is an awfully good price.

$'s are so tight right now that I can’t afford any more mistakes.


I have bought nothing but cakebox TY’s for the past 8-9 years and have never had a coaster (that was the discs fault).

The 100 cake is $2 cheaper than Rima and appears to be the identical product and shipping costs are similar - so that is the one I’d buy-eh!! :iagree:

Had trouble with both Meritline’s website & their CS treating me like an idiot, so bought the cheaper of the 3 (JDPR-ZZ-SB8) for $3 more from a 3rd party seller at Amazon. Here’s hoping they’re as good as NOS! If not, I’m out of ideas, other than finding someone with true NOS that doesn’t want a fortune for it.

Here’s 3 scans from the JDPR-ZZ-SB8 Cake spindle.

This illustrates WHY I really prefer the tape wrap.

Last time I bought TY dvdr’s, they weren’t up to what I was used to. If anyone remembers “CD Sam” (I THINK he worked for CD Dimensions at the time, but I could be wrong on the company) he’s one of the very few who didn’t call me an idiot or blame it on my burner, etc. In his opinion, the problem was that TY had gotten cheap with the spacers, & the discs were bouncing around during shipment.

It’s gotten worse. This spindle had NO spacers, & the discs bounced all the way from Japan to the USA, than from the wholesaler to Amazon, than from Amazon to me. 10 cents of spacers would have avoided this…

The worst of the 3 scans is the first disc on the top, the 2nd worst was the 2nd disc from the top, & the acceptable one (though note it is a shorter burn; the first 1 got quite bad at the end) was from the middle.

Really a shame that tape wrap seem to average about $10 more per hundred. At least I can live with scan 2 & I am fine with scan 3.

I know of one current source for NOS discs. I am SO BROKE, but I may bite… though if there was some problem with those due to the state of my finances it would really suck.

The good news is having burned around 10-15 of these so far (trying to get my hd cleaned off), it looks like I can live with them. I’ve only had 1 more burn over 300 pif’s.

I’ll have to see how the bottom of the spindle does when I get there, but for now these aren’t bad. Interesting that the one really crappy burn was the first disc. i guess it must have bounced around the most in shipment…

I’ve now had 3 bad scans out of about 20 burns, so I’m pleased. I did save the scan of today’s bad one; there were no visible scratches on the disc, so this was a bit of a surprise; but the burn right after it was fine.

I’m on my 2nd cake/spindle of these. The 2nd one was from CD Dimensions, & they’re not burning as good as the first (theoretically identical) batch from Meritline (after 3 attempts to get CDD to actually send me the discs; first time they sent minus’s, 2nd time they were “lost”, 3rd time I got them).

Fact is [B]TY is no longer putting ANY spacers in the cakes[/B], & they bounce like crazy during shipping inside the cake/spindle.

I have no clue why the tape wraps are so much more expensive, but next time I’m going to spend the extra money & see if that helps. I was able to use around 85% of the Merit Line Cake box, but I am literally throwing away over 50% of the CD Dimensions spindle.

I don’t blame CD Dimensions, just making an observation (albeit an expensive one)