TY8x bad?

ok after trying several different burners i am getting the same results from these TY with a code of GG so i believe they are real bought from supermedia, my issue is almost every movie i burn at about 95% of play back i get freeze up or jitter on the movies, my latest burner is an LG GH24NS95, cant do a scan all i can do is a scan with nero that does not show any bad areas, i dont know if the lg can show jitter or what software to use any suggestions after going through 2 cakes i am ready to giveup on burning

You should be able to do a TRT scan with Nero CD/DVD Speed in your LG drive. Large drops in reading speed are not a good sign.

But playback is also a good way to find bad sections. Complain to Supermediastore about the discs.

What speed did you use for burning?

I’ve never had a result like this with 8x TY, but all my stock is older now…bought back in 2006-2007 or so.

burned at 8x, not sure what the trt is but i did do a speed scan with nero that was very good average speed was 11 with no drop offs

Out of my element on this subject but my rule is the process of elimination to any problem.
First, I would try a different brand and see what the result is.
If the result from another brand is a good burn, at least that would seem to indicate either the media isn’t that good or at least the burner doesn’t like the media.
Next, not knowing what you use for a program, I would recommend ImgBurn to see if it works better. This program is the very best at burning, bar none.

Another thing to try is use a different decrypter…what you are using…needs to be a proven ripping software…again, don’t know what you are using.

It could possibly be a bad writer you have which means replacing it with one that does a better job.
I suppose I have been fortunate in regard to all this as I haven’t had any problems burning CDs, DVDs or blu-ray blanks…and I have used both cheapo as well as highly regarded blanks/brands…I have burned a good many memorex CDs and DVDs and for the most part, they have held up well.

But the constant of all this for me is using computer(s) that I know are working properly, the dvd/bluray writers in my signature…then using proven decrypter(s) to rip to hard drive, then use highly regarded associated progs. for any special needs…then always I use ImgBurn set to a moderate burn level…usually lowest level for CDs, 8X for DVDs and 4X for blu-rays.

I have just burned a TY CD a few minutes ago…really, it is very unusual for me to have a bad burn…maybe just dumb (good) luck on my part…

Lastly, don’t give up, there has to be a reason for what is going on and a good chance of an easy solution.

i am using anydvd and clone dvd, i am playing them on a bose system i just wish i was using a burner that i could get a more detailed scan, but my next step is to try a different media