TY02 test P9 vs T9 FW @12x

I just did a head-to-head comparison of P9 vs T9 FW on the same ISO file. As you can see the P9 wins when comparing all the variables from the quality test. I will stick with the P9 FW with this Fuji 8x (TY02) media.

Note they both had a bad spike slightly past 1.7GB.

I dont think BenQ engineers change something in T9 so it is not as good as P9. My best burn with P9 on T02 @12x is here, but I can’t get that kind of scan anymore although tried more than a dozen times. Each disk is different, even from the same spindle. Each burn is also different, WOPC kicks in different spot and speed, different temperature etc.

Not sure way this media is producing a 11% jitter but that seems to the the same as others were getting in other posts. The DVD’s play fine in the disktop system burned at 12x. Any thoughts?

I don’t think they changed write stratigies on TY02 media. 11% Jitter is fine. Jitter will be higher when burning @ 16x.

Thanks for the comparison test123 - know you did this, in part, due to my other posts regarding TY burns.

If you want to find out which firmware burns better deciding by the scan results, you have to scan both disc with the same firmware. You also have to scan the disks several times. A cold drive might give different results as a warm drive, even two scans of the same disc might be different.
It is the same with burning. You can not make the decission on a single burn as long as variables like temperature and disk quality may be different.

ala42…this would be very difficult to produce an accurate result.

Why would you have to scan both discs with the same FW? That does not make sense to me. That in reality would produce different results since each FW that was used to burn the DVD may produce a better burn.

Please explain?

Relatively speaking, is a PIF “spike” of 5 really that bad?

It is difficult to produce and accurate result.

Why would you have to scan both discs with the same FW?
If different firmwares scanning the same disk give you different results you can not compare burns made with these firmwares as you do not know if the burn quality is different or just the reading quality.
Just as an example, on a Liteon 411 firmware FS0B gets you about 5-10x the PIE you get with firmware FS07 when scanning the same disk.