TY02 or something else?

will be going out of town for a few months,where u dont find Quality Blank Dvd’s. thinking of getting 200 of these:


should i go ahead ? or some other better Media Available ?

i dont want the 200 to go waste & waste cash
Advice needed,will be using benq 1655/1640 as my burning drives

Taiyo Yuden 8x +R T02 is among the best discs you can buy. Definitely buy some, you can’t find much better discs than that, some people regard them as the best ever.

Regardless of what anyone thinks, they do scan beautifully on home based scans and also on professional equipment. So there’s no denying the fact that they burn with low errors almost all the time.

Your writer should be perfectly fine to burn with those so don’t hesitate to stock up on a few.

^^^ thnx mate,thought Verbatim MIT Discs are also a good option.will stick will TY i guess

any other views on this ?

Can’t go wrong with YudenT02 as pretty much every drive loves them, BenQs especially. Alot of people love Verb MCC04 but there’s a slightly higher chance of a bad batch. Some people hate the shiny silver TY discs though since fingerprints show up so if that’s an issue you might wanna wait for Verbs to be on sale again.

Yeah Verb MIT are also very good but T02 are getting more and more rare. It’s a good idea to get them while it’s still possible. Verbatim 16x media won’t run out any time soon.

T02 scans nice, but sometimes show readability issues in 16x TRT on some drives. If you get a good batch, you may be lucky not to experience this problem.

A good batch of MCC004 is a good alternative for +R media.