TY02 nothing <97% with five 12x burns



Now that I have finally had some time to backflash from B7T8 to B7P8 I was able to test this baby out with this Fuji 8x DVD+R (TY02) media…all the below burns were 12x and scanned at 12x as well.

Only the last scan did I feel that would drop below 97% but it hung there till the end.

I have seen slightly better burns with the Fuji 8x DVD-R (TYG02)…these were 97 to 99%…however there is a +/- error rate as well so figuring this in these pretty much perform the same with B7P8 FW.

How do these look to you…pretty darn good, I think! Please provide some feedback.

Now to get ready for the 8" of snow we are suppose to get!


Nice - scans @ 12x :eek:


The PIF’s look really good, but you’re getting more jitter than I’ve been seeing with this particular media—but then I never burn faster than 8x, so not a straight up comparison.


It’s just what Kerry56 tells you, great burns, low PIE and low PIF. Only the jitter is somewhat high. I don’t know what’s the cause, I not an expert. If you could lower the jitter, well…it would just be fantatsic. Maybe some experts can tell you what cauases the somewhat high jitter, do some searchring to find things out. Don’t worry about those one or two spikes that lower your quality to 97% or so. The quality score is not absolute. It’s the amount of PIF in total what’s most important.


Hey man i did some scans exact same media fuji dvd+r Tayo yuden
Mines were all scaned at 8x but burned at 12

Tel me if these scans/burns are great for the media im using

Thks alot


Great burns, low PIE. PIF and low Jitter…what more do you want.
Those disks should play in any standalone player without problems.
Yep, you can be happy with those burns. :iagree:


I’m having very good burns/scans also with my TaiyoYudens, but I can’t seem to get past the 97%!

And, I’m consistantly getting that PI Failure of 6 around 0.5 of the disc. :confused:

What gives?? :sad:

Scans below are FujiFilm DVD+R 8x, burnt at 12x and scanned at 8x:


Hé common, those are great burns. If you got 20 PIF spikes to the value of 6, you still get a 97% quality score. Just don’t get upset because of that one spike. You must judge the whole scan. I have a “bad batch” myself I think because I’ve simmelar results from a batch of TY02.

When you take a look at the total PIF value, you’'ve got nothing to worry about.
It’s not a game who got the best burn or whatever. Be happy with those results.

Have you tried to use firmware B7T9, just to see if you gor the same results (spikes at 0.4GB.)


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Hey test123,

How have you been? Only 8" of snow, I wish I only had 8" to deal with. LOL. :bigsmile:


Socrates007…nice to hear from you again…we made it back from FL after 9 days of vacation we should have stayed there…actually we have about 10" total now, hopefully it will stop…I have already blown the snow twice today.

What part of the world do you live? Have you had much snow?


I have a bunch of TY02 and I have had the exact same experience. I have a few spindles which spike to the 6 and sometimes 8 mark in various spots, and then I have other spindles that never spike above 4. Granted that the spikes to 6, etc… are not a problem… but just a note that there are definitely different “batches” of TY02. I have both Fuji TY02 and OEM TY02 from RIMA, and the spindles from RIMA (so far) have always had lower (next to none) PIF’s.