TY002 vs MXL002 vs MMC04

Due our work supplier special price ,I will buy also for my own use, some media-Any opinion choose for large stock these DVD+R media for use with Liteon 1213@1653 CsTJ ?

Normal prices (for our market-still overpriced for other CE countries )

Fuji Japan (TY002) spindle of 25 discs costs 15euro -able burn @12x-nice scans

Maxell Japan (MXL002) spindle of 25discs costs 13euro-able burn @12X not always good scans-Excellent in 8x (but it’s in same price for DVD-R MXL-RG03 able burn @12x without problems)

Verbatim CMC Taiwan (MMC04) spindle of 25 discs costs 17euro-able burn @16x-look unstable-sometimes a lot PI errors but not coasters or PIF errors

For more of 100discs in each brand there is 10%-20% price reduction

Any opinion for best quality/price ?

PS: There is also an offer about 16x TDK DVD+R (TDK003) spindles of 25discs costs 20euro but “unknown made in” -Also RicohJpn003 branded as “Ricoh” made in Taiwan cost also 20euro/25 discs --Never seen any opinion yet worth buying.

I prefer Yuden000 T02.

Maxell MXL002. Because FUJI TY seems to have to much quality fluctuations these days. Offcoures you can gamble and might get excellent media and offcourse FUJI will replace the media if it’s problematic.

I personally would go for pay less (Yes I’m DUTCH :slight_smile: )and know that you get good media and waite the extra minutes because I don’t care about the 3-4 extra minutes it takes. Remember a extra burn takes even more time.

MXLRG03 might also be a nice option but I haven’t seen much results with it on that drive so that’s why I would recommend the slower 8x media over it knoweing that, that one allways seems to work excellent at 8x.

All 16x media posted is overpriced from my view that is if you can waite the few minutes. Also the drive didn’t perform good with the MCC004 media and the ricohjpnr03 disc’s in the test of C’t 4(7.2.2005) now the firmware might have improved the perfomance. Tested was CS09.
Now C’t tests don’t say all but the fact that also both media seem to have a wide variation in quality doesn’t make these 2 a recommended buy. Specially if there more expensive.

Go with the TY002… Taiyo Yuden produces the best media period!

In the UK, the price of Verbatim 16x media has dropped to the price of TY 8x, so long as you buy in 50 disc spindles - just bought 100.

TY is still excellent media.

both MCC004 and T02 are great media.

I would also go with MXL002 as choice one.

And either MCC004 or YUDEN000T02 as choice two.
The reason for this is that I have also seen quality fluctuations in MCC004 and YUDEN000T02.
Of course YUDEN000T02 at 8X max should still always perform well.

I got some bad batches of YUDEN000T02 which shattered my trust in them, but have not yet seen any fluctuations in MCC004s. MCC003 hat some problens mostly at the end of the discs, but I hope that Mitsubishi have gotten their act togehter with the MCC004s.

I get great results with them. BTW, i use a NEC-3500.

My preference would be primarily TY then MMC.

My limited exposure with MXL has been bad. Perhaps a bad batch of their +8x media. Lots of PIF’s. I ended up returning 2 of 3 50pk spindles unopened.

My experience with MMC has been so-so. I had to return a 100pk of -R due to a significant number of discs (4 of 6) that displayed dye defects after burning. Other -R and +R seemed to be OK, though. The rebate fiasco, with their use of rebateshq.com, has left me with a sour taste though.

TY’s have not been a problem for me at all. I’ve used genuine TY from rima.com, Fuji +R (batch 1158 and 1160), TDK -R and “value” 4x -R from Supermediastore. All of the above have been great. In fact, the value stuff scanned WAY better than the MXL and as good as the MMC. For me, it’s TY all the way. :slight_smile:

Point is that verbatim, maxell and FUJI all have good service when you encounter a bad batch.

Thanks for any answer.
-So until now TY is narrow winner than Maxell’s following by MCC
I didn’t decide yet,cause some Maxell and Fuji spindles now,not mentioned MIJ.

Take note that Fuji’s TY in our market,are through Germany release-same for all Europe-in different package than US, and as I have read ,never mentioned same continue quality fluctuations as US batches .

Any other opinion ? -Looking stock over 200,discs primary for backup purposes,second for Video,so cost/quality is important for me this period
Unfortunately discs warranty are not valid well in our market (due of many importers) ,so some risc is another point of choice.

People here are recommending MCC media, is that the same as what you called MMC media? Are people recommending the made in Taiwan Verbatim discs?

My Pioneer 109 does not seem to like MCC004. Low QS scores - 65 etc.

I have a 50 disc spindle (printable surface), and 3 of them exhibit a large spike at around half-way (2.2Gb). No such problem with my other burners.

A 25 disc spindle (non printable) arrived today from a different supplier. Same spike, same place. Better QS of 90.

It doesn’t depend through which channels you got the media. Genuine verbatim and FUJI media will allways fall under the waranty of the specific brand.
That’s the real difference between the cheap brands and these big brands.

8x FUJI +R made in taiwan in europe have been ricohjpnr02 but I haven’t seen these for a very long time.
Maxell 8x media well they can be Taiyo Yuden / Maxell and so far that’s what has been spotted.

Oh one other point prices will probally drop for all 16x media so to stock up much might actually work against you when it comes to haveing the media as cheap as possible.

About warranty you’re right,but here must go through official channel release, to find solution.And this is loose of time,waiting so long .The reason is official channel want’s to bit independent “cheap” importers .

I also confirm, recent imports of Fuji and Maxell 8x DVD+R here,are Made in Taiwan and RicohJpn02, but cost the same as MIJ.

-As I read in European eshop offers,prices of 16x media as still far for dropping due a lot of stock and production of 8x media. Many of 8x media are changed packages to release (probably) same product as new !

I won’t trust any brand name re-badges anymore. I have recieved 9 packs of defective TY and Maxell dye discs, but if I order straight from the manufacturer, then I get good discs everytime. Anyways, my vote would still be for TY but just make sure you check the discs immediately after recieving them.