Ty with poor scans

i have the 1620 and after not being able to burn a working g05, i decided to order some ty +r’s after browsing through the media thread. i’m a bit disappointed that my errors are quite a bit higher than the ones reported in the thread and am wondering what i may be doing wrong or could do better. i’m using nero

the first burn was with fw b7s9 and the second with b7t9

Those are pretty burns. I wouldn’t worry about them. You can see in my sig I got a little higher errors on T02.

if i’m reading it correctly, your burn at 12x netted 17,277/622 and your 16x burn 42,129/503. my 8x burns were higher than both :frowning:

handy sig, btw :slight_smile:

Then try 12x :smiley:
Your 2nd scan is getting better compare to the 1st one :smiley:

Mainly it’s media characteristics. No media is the same even within the same spindle. If you look closer, I can get less than 10 PIEs all the way (with B7P9), but those only 1-3 disks in the spindle of 50packs.

well, the 1st burn was actually the bottom one, then i flashed with the older fw and burned the disc at the top.

here’s a scan of one burned at 12x with b7t9. quite a bit better, but not the sub 20k that most ppl post of their ty’s. do ppl generally post their best, or a random scan?

That’s a beautiful scan that only a friggin’ BenQ owner would ask about how to do better! That scan is EXCELLENT by any measure, you should be very pleased.

its good scan…

but TY quality thats sold outside japan is questionable…i am beginning to suspect its 2nd grade…and only grade one is sold to That’s Japan

Nothing wrong with that scan. I don’t worry about PI Errors that much if they are that good - the big thing I look at is PI Failures, yours is only 249 on that last burn and that’s absolutely wonderful!

the last scan is awesome almost no errors at the end of the disc where speed is max…

nice burns!!!

I’d like to add to this post as maybe it’ll help other people determine if their burns are good or bad or not. Go into the options of Nero CD/DVD Speed and change your default color scheme to “Legacy”. When a disc is a problematic burn where it’s really spiking high on the numbers it’ll blast off into the yellow/red section instead of staying green. It’s a good indicator of a good or bad disc if you forget where the numbers are supposed to be at. :slight_smile: