TY Watershield vs Verbatim AquaAce comparison

Here’s a brief comparison of these 2 high-gloss waterproof DVD-R printable discs. the most notable difference is that the TY is 16x media, (TYG03), the Verbatim is 8x, (MCC02RG20),

On first inspection of the 2 types in their un-printed state, the AquaAce has a slightly whiter tint, possibly a slight bluish cast. When unprinted, the Watershield appears slightly more glossy than the AquaAce.

After printing, the opposite seems to be true, the AquaAce looks slightly more glossy than the Watershield with a less-textured surface than the Watershield. The AquaAce yields an ever-so-slightly brighter image due to it’s whiter surface, but frankly the difference is too slight to be concerned with. It’s possible that with some colors and images, the difference may be more noticeable.

The Watershield has a printable surface that is slightly smaller than the actual white surface, so there’s a narrow (<0.5mm) strip at the inner and outer edges that should not be printed. This is also true of the AquaAce, but less so. The un-printable band is more like 0.1mm on AquaAce, and nearly un-noticeable.

TY Watershield: prints 23-24mm x 118mm
Verb. AquaAce: prints 21mm x 118mm

So once printed, the most noticeable difference is that the AquaAce has a smaller inside diameter.

With respect to being “waterproof”, both discs appear to have equal smudge-resistance when a wet thumb is rubbed across the surface. No amout of rubbing will smear the ink. Both have been printed on my Canon IP4500 using Canon inks.

Setting aside the slight difference in printable area, there’s very little difference between these 2 types of glossy disc, and I highly recommend either one. I include a scan of both discs in the interest of completeness, but obviously a scan does not do the glossy surface any justice.

TY looks faded to me.

[QUOTE=Bob;2198433]TY looks faded to me.[/QUOTE]

I wouldn’t say that. Colors tend to pop a little more on a whiter surface, which is easily fixed with saturation settings in the driver. These 2 were printed using identical settings. they also look more different in the scan than they do for real, which means one is scanning better than the other for whatever reason.

I do think the Verbatim has a very slight edge for several reasons, but not enough to get excited about. Mostly I like the smaller inner diameter. If both are available at the same price, it’s a toss-up.

I’ll say it again. The TY looks faded. With my monitor and my eyes the TY looks washed out with all colors. The Verbie looks better. Now if they were sitting in front of me, it may not be so. Do you have a linen tester to look at them closely? A magnifying glass would work but it won’t hold the same height as well.

I ran a printing press (5 color) for 15 yrs. My eyes may be older now but i can still see fairly good.

To me it’s the Verbatim that looks slightly washed out and lacking in contrast in the lighter areas. It is rather noticable on the pillars in the top right, the man’s face and the stop sign. Also where the picture fades to white on the right (where you have written V & TY) it looks significantly darker on the TY (although I prefer the fade on the Verbatim).

But that’s only on my monitor and I am not at all surprised that Bob’s monitor shows things differently.

yeah i’d like to see them in person so i don’t have to buy them and try :bigsmile:

Thanks for posting CDan :slight_smile:

Because of the lighter white on the AquaAce, the reds tend to pop more, and all color will look ever so slightly more muted on the Watershield. If you look closely at the blue stripe you will see that the difference is less but the AquaAce is slightly lighter. This is true of all printable media, the whiter it is the more colorful. The AquaAce also has a very slight bluish cast which is common with the brighter whites. All these things effect colors, and mostly can be overcome with careful driver adjustments. But the differences are so slight that at first glance the 2 discs look identical in person with the AquaAce having a slightly smoother finish.

Between downsampling for the forum limitations and the scanning, these are obviously not true representations of the look of the discs.

Here’s a label that shows the difference in the white level of the 2 discs. Which you prefer is really up to you. But the bluish tint of the AquaAce is evident. This difference is typical of what you will see with different photo papers too, and it really is a matter of personal preference. Note that I changed the inner diameter on the TY from 24mm to 23mm on this print.

Maybe its me, they all look great.:wink:

[QUOTE=alan1476;2198979]Maybe its me, they all look great.;)[/QUOTE]

Much better than the scans and down-samples look, for sure. Choosing between the 2, I would go with which ever is available at the best price, and whether I wanted 8x or 16x. (or if my burner had some preference for one or the other). The difference in the final outcome is way too slight to be important.

How did the record quality compair?

That is what I want to know!

I would like to know which has better record quality as well.

[QUOTE=m3rob;2649300]I would like to know which has better record quality as well.[/QUOTE]

There will be some variation in burn quality depending on which burner you are using and what speed you burn at. But I rarely run into a burn quality problem if I stick with higher quality glossies like TY, Verbatim, or Falcon. Falcon’s Smart Guard waterproof glossy has the brightest white of the three(and no bluish tint). But they all yield nice results. Falcon also came out with a new non waterproof glossy that is 1/2 the price of the others. I prefer the Verbatim or Falcon as the glossy finish is more immune to degradation from handling.