TY Watershield in regular stores?



Hi all! I just recieved my Canon IP4500 today and I’m anxious to try out the DVD printing. I’ve already got the feader tray and have completed the steps to enable the printing, I just need discs. So I’m wondering if anybody knows if I can buy Taiyo Yuden Watershiels discs in a real store like Best Buy or Fry’s.

From reading some of the post about the media, I get the feeling that the TY discs may be sold in regular stores under another brand name. Can anyone give me an idea of what to look for?

Any help would be appreciated!


The only glossy discs you will find in stores might be Verbatim Gloss. Watershield is only available online. In any case, you’ll pay a lot less online.


That’s what I was afraid of. I’m just all impatient to start trying them out. I should have ordered some a few weeks ago so I would have them already. :o


Welcome to CDF’s:

I have some samples from FTI which are Falcon Pro DVD-R White Inkjet (TTH02). They look really really nice. They are in between TY inkjet and TY Watershields as far as shiny surface. I’ve been doing some testing with them and i’m close to sold on them as far as burning and printing. Here is a link and you can call them for some samples > http://www.falconrak.com/

I’m not quite finished with my mini review but they do seem to be of very good quality.