TY Valueline?

I’ve used a bunch of them and I was really satisfied…

I get them as low as .25 sometimes

Can you guys confirm that the TY Valueline is the best cheapest media out…

I am burning the 8x at 8x, should I burn at 6x ?
Or should I put AUTO on the speed setting or MAX ?

Let me know, thanks

Ive used them in the past and they burn fine at x8. Not bad bad media, the burn is one of the cleanest ive seen.

I have used them and had very few coasters.

It’s more variable. It can be just as good as the standard stuff, or (rarely) problematic. Most of the time it’s in-between and “good enough” for most stuff.

Depending on where you live, it may indeed be the best “budget” blanks. Here in Europe even the value line TYs are more expensive than Verbatims, so it’s not really interesting.

From the second part of your question, I guess you have a very recent burner. Pioneer? Please mention the model :slight_smile:

Burning the @8X rated @8X is the way to go, unless you have an old burner.

Never had any problems with the valueline of TY, so far the results were the same as the That’s media.

I recommend using Ty 8x dvd-r premium line. I burn at 2x. I have learned the slower the burn the deeper and better. Thats what I have been using for years without any problems at all. I get them from supermediastore.com

[QUOTE=mgdking;2169383]I burn at 2x. I have learned the slower the burn the deeper and better. [/QUOTE]And now you have to un-learn because:

[li]@2X is actually impossible with most current burners, the absolute minimum available speed is @2.4X and in actuality most of the time it’s even @4X.
[/li][li]@2.4X (when available) doesn’t improve the burns in the least when compared to @8X in a vast array of current burners
[/li][li]on the contrary all tests show that burning current @8X or @16X media at very slow speeds actually WORSENS the quality of the burn.
Whatever you have been reading around the net about the slow writing speeds, is either outdated info at best (technology changes very fast but countless web pages never change), or ignorant statings at worst.

Burn all your (current) media @8X if you want to be on the safe side. If you have an older burner (from ~3 years ago or more) then sometimes @4X burning can be an improvement for @8X rated media. This can also be true for some so-so blanks.

[B]Slowest available burning speed gives the best results = WRONG and BAD ADVICE[/B] :cop:

what’s the mediacode for the TY Valueline? What’s the mediacode for the TY Premium line? i just bought some TY 8x dvd-r TYG02 and i thought it was premium line but according to supermediastore the mediacodes for the valueline are TYG02 and TYG03. i just tried to use dvd identifier with my dvd-rom drive but it didn’t work, i guess i will have to wait until my dvdr drive arrives to test my media.

[QUOTE=alfun;2169735]what’s the mediacode for the TY Valueline? What’s the mediacode for the TY Premium line?[/QUOTE]They have the same mediacodes. They’re entirely the same media, same source, same everything. Just that the value line is supposed to be non-premium stuff for whatever reason, so they sell it at lower prices. It can also be, sometimes, pure marketing tactics.
8X + R | YUDEN000T02
8X -R | TYG02
16X +R | YUDEN000T03
16X -R | TYG03

i just picked up some TY Value dvd-r at canada computers in toronto, 100 for $25, love em :slight_smile:

Taiyo Yuden DVD-R 4.7GB, 8X, Silver Lacquer, 100-Pack $25.99
fast shipping and good packaging