TY Valueline and Premium Sale

Supermediastore is having a pretty good sale of TY 8x DVD-R media.

Taiyo Yuden Valueline 8X DVD-R Media 300 Pack with 300 Pack White Paper Sleeves - Free Ground Shipping $74.99


Taiyo Yuden Premium 8X DVD-R Media 200 Pack in Cake Box with 200 Pack Paper Sleeves (Premium Line) - Free Ground Shipping $57.99

I would jump on this deal, but am still waiting for them to do some good premium inkjet printable TY/Verbatim deals

i would jump on that. but i just prefer the +R. for me that is. thanks for the info tho.

Why do TY specials always seem to be on -R media? I too prefer +R, but +R never seem to be on special. Why not have specials on +R and -R media?

The +R TY is much better media and the resellers know it. There is no reason for them to promote an item that sells itself. Plus, for many batches, either Verbatim is a better choice than the -R TY and can be had locally for $26 per 100 so they need to get closer to the Verbatim prices or most of us will just pass.

They had this on sale like 2 or 3 weeks ago for $60, and I bought some then. If these were +R then I’d reconsider getting more.

If they were Yuden-000-T02-000 they would be sold out before the sale ever got here. Sony Yudens on sale are the only alternative at these prices.:iagree:

Are there any Sony Yudens currently on sale, and if so, where?

I really don’t see them on sale this week but if I did I would not buy them, The new Verbatim MCC004 16X+ media is so good I will wait for them to go on sale again for 14.99 for a 50 spindle. They burn better than Yudens at 12X for me. Here is a recent scan I posted in the media forum.


Thats a really good scan. Guess I gotta wait until my BB gets some new packaged ones in.

Yo alan-

Then get ur butt down to Best Buy 'cause the Verbatim 16x - and + R’s are currently on sale for [B]$12.99[/B] per 50 piece spindle-eh!! :iagree: :iagree: :clap: :clap:

TYG02 is very nice regardless. Verbatim seems to be better at 12X burn, but there is a great variation in quality in verbatim. TYG02 has bad batches too, but pretty unlikely.

Have you ever noticed if BB or Office Max ever include printable Verbatim’s in the sale? I have such ugly hand writing that I prefer using printable media but they never seem to have the printable media on sale. Last time at Office Max, they scanned as regular price of $35.00 for printable compared to the $15 sale for regular non printable Verbatim.

It’s about $25.00 now per 100 discs compared to a few weeks ago when it was about $30.00 per 100 discs. I’m the same as you though in that I prefer +R media but they never have them on sale. If it wasn’t for the fact that I use mainly printable media, I’d have just gotten Verbatim since they do go on sale, just doesn’t seem to be for printable media.

Yo Mike, they are not in the new packaging in my Best Buy and I just bought 200 last week in the New packaging so I am not really in need now. But thanks for the headsup.:iagree:

For those interested, this is a recent burn of the value-line TYG02. These results are consistent across the board on my BenQ and Lite-On drives. As you can see, this is quality media. While I agree MCC004 can get better results, the variations of MCC004 can be bad or real good. Definately not a sure thing.


bottom of page.

is this what you got at BB?


do you have a link or picture describing the new packaging?

do you have a link or picture describing the new packaging?


Thanks for that
I missed that
Alan was thorough as usual
Thanks to both of you

Are Verbatim MCC004 better than Playo MCC004? The Playo MCC004 recordings won’t play on 1 DVD player I have while Sony D21 recordings play on that 1 DVD player. Are Verbatim MCC004 better than Sony D21?

The Playo MCC004 are probably a faked MID. Where are the discs made?

The Playo MCC004 are fake. I’m sure they are MIC and if they are then they are the same as DYNEX Media from BB. The scans that I have seen on them aren’t that bad, but how long they last has not been confirmed.