TY Value Line DVD 8x-R 200 for $39.99

Just in case anyone is interested SuperMediaStore has
Taiyo Yuden Valueline 8X DVD-R Media 200 Pack with 200 Pack Black Paper Sleeves for $39.99+ $13.00 for shipping = $52.99-NOT A GOOD BARGAIN MHO unless you like paper sleeves.

You may receive DVDs with "TYG02” or “TYG03” codes.

wonder if people are still getting those durn tyg03’s

You are correct Chewy: You can do much better in the USA in B&M stores for Verbs and 8X Sony Tys. I wouldn’t touch them. LOL.

for the people who can’t get to a good brick and mortar store, I reccomend the premium tyg02 from supermedia


only a few more cents per disk for tyg02’s and a better chance of the disks surviving

:iagree: Rima.com also. I forgot that they Ship those nasty TYG03’s :doh:

The last time I ordered *X Valueline from shop4tech I got stuck with TYG03’s too. Ordered on 06/02/07.


shipping fee is kinda steep, from a good deal to a fair deal