Ty value line 25.20 per hundred with free shipping



Price drop on shop4tech.
28.00 - 10% referral discount = 25.20 shipped per hundred…
Did a new thread just in case no one reads all the posts in the old thread. Wanted to get this new deal out asap. If you need a referral, you know what to do.


:bigsmile: Thanks Bro for the info., my luck never changes I purchased 100 24 hrs. ago for $26.10 :doh:


you’ve been PMed Mr. monkey :slight_smile:


If you need a referral, you know what to do.

Just placed an order - used the CS10 coupon for discount.
Do I need a referral to improve my odds for order to be filled with TYGO2’s - or is it just “Luck of the Draw”? :confused:


When you can go these day during DVD media sale to any store like (Circuit City, Bestbuy, Compusa, OfficceMax and …) and get top brand name MIJ 16X for from $12.99-$14.99 per count of 50 that means $25-$30 per 100 with advantage that if you try the media and they turn out to be no good you can returned them for refund or replacement no question. So then with this option available is it really wise to order media online? when quality is unknown with no choice of return and if there is a choice for return cost you a lot for shipping they back to online outfit ?.


Yes, but you are making a few ASSumptions here. :wink:

  1. Not all areas/stores stock MIJ media. I know that my local BB and several other stores have been out of MIJ media for quite some time.

  2. Given gas prices these days, that can end up being a very costly trip, not to mention a waste of time (depending on your vehicle and how far away you live).

  3. That media IS genuine TY, so unlike stores, you never have to worry about whether or not you are going to find “The good stuff” when you open the box. The only gamble you take is on write speed.

  4. Not all people have had positive experiences with store brand rebadges and there is a somewhat greater possibility of defects under the store brand rebadged media (ie extra handling process in relabeling the discs). I went through 225 bad discs between 9 different packs (Fuji and Maxell) that were all supposed to be good quality MIJ media. Virtually all of the discs had some form of spotting in the dye and a number of them had some morons’ grubby fingerprints all over the disc. Not saying that you can’t get defective discs ordering online, just saying that there is a gamble with either method and you aren’t always better off buying from the store. As far as the return policy goes, once again that all depends on the distance a person lives from the store. Not everyone has a BB, ect. just down the street.


As Jesterrace, said, there are proven MIJ TY. For me, the cost is $7 less than local Verbatim 16X. The savings make sense. When these are gone we will all be griping about the “good old days” of cheap TY.


Must Resist The Urge To Order!!


as far as i know quality 16x MIJ media isn’t really available. there have been no rports of 16x TYs anywhere in stores. Fuji’s are prodisc Sony’s are a SONY ID. Not to mention the fact that I haven’t been able to find MIJ media in stores near me in AGES.

Verbs don’t cooperate with my system nearly as well as any TY I’ve bought in the past and I’m not concerned about speed.

I’m actually hoping to get 8x, but I’d be completely satisfied with 4x. If I get 16x I’ll probably burn them at 8x anyway.

and in regards to quality, I’ve viewed enough threads and scans about the “value line” discs to think that I’m making an educated decision. From what I can tell there’s very little if ANY difference between these discs and regular TY.

There’s nothing wrong with this deal as long as people know what they’re getting into (that the speed of the discs could vary and that they are labeled value line…whatever that might mean…which to me doesn’t matter one bit based on teh scans I’ve seen.)


does anyone know how fast shop4tech usually ships? I’m going ot be at my parents’ place for spring break until next saturday and was wondering if i should have them shipped there…hmmm


if u ordered today they probally wont ship till tuesday, but u never can tell with them


@Chas0039. How come nobody ever has valueline + media? Only Ty dash media, I do not use dash media, I prefer the + and I can buy it when the Sonys are on sale for 25.00 per 100 with no shipping, yes I have to pay tax but it is minimal. When these online retailer have some 8x Taiyo Yuden + media for sale I will consider it. I still do not understand why they choose only to discount the dash medias.


i’m in the same boat as you. i’ve only ever used + media. I’m going to best buy before work today and if they don’t have any MIJ fuji 100 packs, I’m going to give the -R discs a shot. for that price you can’t go wrong.


I agree but I still have 200 TDK branded TYG-02 that I bought on sale at CompUSA for 12.99 for a 50 spindle a few months ago, I use them for my PhotoSlide shows of my kids that I send to my relatives that live in Florida, I can put almost 350 pictures on a DVD.


If you are looking for good media in a store, consider Sony MIJ 16x +R. This media is just flat-out awesome quality, maybe better than or equal to TY in most burners. MID - Sony D21


I quite honestly don’t know. I would expect that it has to do with marketing and demand. The +R TY is the best media I have ever used and it burns perfectly on all 8 burners I have used. My guess would be that they sell all they need so there is no reason to have a lower priced competitor in this area. As the TYG02 is no where near as good, it makes sense to loss lead that one. To do so with the +R would diminish the sterling reputation.

I figured they wouldn’t last, and stocked up on the Burnmaster TY +R at $30 per 100 before they switched to another media. Now that TDK is out of the media business, I don’t know if Burnmaster will be good or junk.


@rdgrimes: I think you may be onto something here I never knew that Sony made a 16X media MIJ but you are right, LINKhttp://http://www.videohelp.com/dvdmedia.php?dvdmediadvdridsearch=SONY…D21%20


I know I am. :wink: It’s one of the few +R media that actually burns well at 16x, and near perfect at 12x. Scans are posted in a few places, search for D21.


I am going to look for some tomorrow. I will scan and post. I am looking forward to it.


hahaha when i first opened the thread i thought you were talking about beenie babies :stuck_out_tongue: