Ty Uk?

I’d like to try some Taiyo Yuden media, but I’ve got no idea where to get it. I live in the UK. What brands are TY maunufactured?


You can get unbranded Taiyo Yuden media as well as Plextor branded Taiyo Yuden media from SVP. They also have some Verbatim branded TYs.

thanks for the link. :flower:

I know they’re all generally good, but if I were to order 100 DVD-Rs would you recommend the G02 or the G03 - I don’t mind paying the extra.

btw my DVDRW is an NEC ND3500AG


TYG02 - slightly better quality, and you wont loose much time compared to TYG03

I would not get the Verbatim TY discs. In my experience the quality of these discs is variable to say the least.

Bugger. I bought 400!

I bought some Verbatim YUDEN000 T02s from SVP awhile back - they burned beautifully. I’m just annoyed that they don’t seem to stock them now!

Legs2sag, if you’re looking for a buyer…LOL :bigsmile:

My experience differs. I’ve burnt over 100 of these and all were of the same excellent quality.

But they do have a problem: they often come dusty “out-of-the-box”, and this impacts writing quality (PIF peaks due to “dye melting” around the speckles of dust). :frowning:

Careful dusting (antistatic cloth, antistatic feather duster…) prior to burning may be required, then, to restore these very fine discs’ full burning quality. :wink:

Taiyo Yuden (8x) Full-Face Printable DVD+R
Pack of 100 Product Code: 3148 IN STOCK
£39.97 inc. VAT

I wouldn’t smoke anything else.

Should not really be necessary to do this and the fact that one has to demonstrates poor quality control from Verbatim. Also with my heavy handedness the chances of cleaning the disc without causing more damage are slim. :sad:

I still have a good 100 of these to get through. Next time I’m getting the unbranded.

I’m through 1500 of these Verbatim TYG02 and have yet to see a flaw. Here’s my lastest back up. Above avg but close enough. The one be4 was a lot better but is on my laptop, sorry :wink: Burned with 4163

I just wiped one with my handkerchief :bigsmile: and burned it (results below). It’s a lot better than the other scans I’ve had for the Verb TYG02 discs. Mind you this Lite-on is very new and it’s burning/scanning abilities are uncertain.

What do people recommend for wiping the dust off these discs?

You can read more about the effects of dust and what people do to remove it in this thread: How a tiny bit of dust can ruin your scan

Maybe I’ll get unbranded and watch out for dust before burning.

One more thing, can I ask if anyone has preferences between +Rs and -Rs? I have always tended to go for -Rs purely for the slight edge on compatability with standalone DVD players but I would be more than willing to use +Rs if there are any advantages to them. I’m sure the quality varies but I’d like to hear what other people think.


AFAIK there is no compatibility edge for DVD-R over DVD+R if your drive supports BookType DVD-ROM bitsetting for DVD+R burns - possibly the edge is the other way around. I’m not sure which drive(s) you have, so I don’t know if it supports bitsetting or not.

Whether -R or +R are best depends on the drive, but with my Plextor PX-712 and NEC ND-3500AG so far, +R in general have been slightly better than -R with one exception: Verbatim 16x DVD-R (MCC 03RG20) are just as good as the best DVD+R media.

Well, MY drive is an NEC ND-3500AG, and I just bought 30 Verbatim 16x DVD-R MCC 03RG20 discs, so I sound sorted for the short term according to you - assuming I burn at 12x and remove all dust before burning. :wink:

As for my bulk purchase I need to make shortly, do you think, for my drive, I should get TYG02 DVD-Rs, YUDEN000T03 DVD+Rs or Verbatim 16x MCC 03RG20 DVD-Rs?

Oh and please tell me if my drive supports BookType DVD-ROM bitsetting for DVD+R burns or not, and possibly what that is. :eek:

I think I’ll stop asking questions now.

:rolleyes: :slight_smile:

With this choice, I think you can’t go wrong whatever you go for :wink: - but the T03 aren’t worth the difference in price IMHO. I’d say TYG02 or MMC03RG20. Both are great for burning quality (the TY has an edge over the MCC if you’re obsessive with PIE/PIF scans) and compatibility (the Verb has an edge for compatibility with standalone players). But this is nitpicking, both are great discs. :slight_smile:

Yup, I agree. The discs are close enough that if there is a large enough price difference that it isn’t worth the extra money for the +Rs.

I would go further and say that the 16X are not as good (in scanning terms) as the 8X +R disks. There is no way that saving a few seconds can compare with disk quality that may last for years.

I personally would go for the +R as now I can change the booktype to ROM family members who were having trouble getting the films I did for them on -Rs to work are having no trouble now. Though I am a new convert to this so I would take my advice with a pinch of salt.