Ty Tyg03?

i am only able to get only Verbatim TYG03 in Singapore … is this media worth Buying ?

how will it pair with my Benq 1655 with BICB Firmware… pls help out on this


TYG03 is not the most consistent media I have used. If it’s really the only disc you can buy and you can’t get genuine Verbatim, it’s still not bad media. I would burn @ 8x or 12x and see how it goes. Do a few scans as well for comparison.

Is it worth buying - depends on the price lol

wats else u recommed in Verbatim that is made by TY ? … in Singapore we find only Verbatims & no TY


Not sure what you mean but what I was asking was is you had Verbatim there, which is Made in Taiwan. This would mean it’s made by MCC and not TY, and IMO MCC is much better.

Do you have any other discs that you can get a hold of? The people on this forum can help out and will know which discs to avoid and which are good.

Generally TY media is pretty good but I think it’s over priced and I’d buy something like Sony instead if I could get it cheaper.

a Dvd Indentifier ScreenSHot will help ?

If you want archiving I recommend 8X verbatim either -r or +r. After experiencing a few batches of TY , there is nothing godly about them at all.

From what I saw here : Verbatim Made In Taiwan with MCC code is better than Verbatim Made In Japan with TYG03 code.
From my experience Panasonic branded TYG03 is the best TY media out there (16X I mean).
It may differ with Verbatim from batch to batch , but if you got Verbatim TYG03 media , make sure the batch number would be [B]GH000157[/B] or later :slight_smile:

I must ask, how on earth can you make sure of what batch you buy? What, open up the spindle and carefully observe the serial number inside the store lol? Then say: Oh nope, this one’s a crappy batch, time to open up the next spindle. I’m sure most stores will remove you for doing that, not to mention if you purchased online you’d have no way of telling either. :doh:

I was sure you were gonna say that :bigsmile:

I should have said :

Get a spindle , if it is a new batch and it burns well , get all that you can buy , if not , try to look for Verbatim Made In Taiwan media

Also : [B]ebanat[/B] already said that his Verbatim is TYG03 and that means he has the discs at hand and he can see the batch number :stuck_out_tongue:

[B]ebanat[/B] : Dvd Indentifier ScreenSHot will not help , look for the GH000XXX number printed on the hub of the disc and burn a disc and do a quality scan .

getting these:


how good r they ?

but if you got Verbatim TYG03 media , make sure the batch number would be GH000157 or later

I have several different flavors of G03, GH000156, and they are all flawless in several different burners.

That proves my theory that newer batches of TYG03 media is excellent :slight_smile:
I’ve tried batch GH000142 and it was very good ranging from 600-800 PIFs with all my burners , but GH000157 [B]always[/B] give me less than 200 PIFs and half of the discs with less than 100 :bigsmile:
EDIT : This scan is for a 20X burn hence the raise in PIE at the end :stuck_out_tongue:

I agree. The TY TYG03 is better than TY T003. My scans of TYG03 GH00155 are never better than the Panny TYG03 scans in this forum.

man, i am bying 2 Verbatim made in Japan,

i have verbatim made in taiwan and they great.
but i have few que.

  1. why i get allote of PIF with my JAPAN? with taiwan i get 18\1 PIF and with Japan i get 2000\3 ±…

  2. i have this code on TYG03 - GH000158 is it ok>?

  3. why G02 is good then G03? is write just until 8X, it`s like u say that verbatim taiwan mcc03org20 is worst then mcc02org20, they both are same just another speed, am i write?

another question, i have DVD+R verbatim TAIWAN. but i get allote of pif.
PAPA22JI*** the code, is it good?

I wouldn’t think they are the same. All of the disc manufacturers had to create new dyes that would work at the the higher speeds of 16x.

Umm… Taiyo Yuden uses Mitsubishi’s Advanced Azo(+) :confused:

Depends. What drive are you scanning with?

kg_evilboy, is ADVANCED + AZO,
Arachne i used LH-20A1S with 9lO5 firemwire.
maby i need change the firmewire?
i see in Kprobe2 somoething calld RPC setting, i can disable or enable him and HT, OS,… what to do? they can effect on my score?

final question. what the diffrent between all the codes? i mean when i buy somthing with the code G03 what is all the GH** ? or MCC04 what is the PAPA** somone with PAPA88** or PAPA22** what is mean??

i really comfuise because the only media that give me good score is MCC03org20 taiwan(MAP6 something). but when i buy DVD+R taiwan (MCC4 or TYG03) they really bad.

soory on my bad english :rolleyes:

Maybe you could post the scan results on your LiteOn - just saying “lots of PIF” doesn’t really tell us much :slight_smile:

Look around for one of DrageMester’s posts, and in his signature at the bottom, you’ll see a link on “how to attach quality scans to your post” :slight_smile: