TY, TYG02 8X DVD-R 100s, $30 plus ship



Sorry about the rebate.


Yo chas0039-

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btw - the rebate expires tomorrow 09/09



Glad to Mike. Someone has to do the dirty work. I wonder if TYG02 is on the way out?


I hope TYG03 lives up to the performance of TYG02. Would be sad to see it discontinued. :frowning:


i have read i think even on here, but on another board that those arnt as good as they are used to getting qulity wise, maybe athey got a bad batch or a lesser qulity batch and thats why so cheap


I have always wondered… What IS Silver Thermal Lacquer? Does this mean its just “Shiney Silver” like the old Ritek G04’s? (finger prints for days?) Or is there some kinda of coating like a matt finish? Thanks


Silver thermal lacquer aka Dust magnet tops.