TY T02 & T03 - burn results and firmware question

I have a NEC ND-3520A burner, with modified firmware LD3520 2.U1 (quite old, from mid 2005)

Up until now i burnt TY T02 (FUJI DVD+R cert x8, burnt @x12) media with excellent results, as shown below.

I recently bought a pack of TY T03 (VERBATIM DVD+R cert x16) and burnt the first cd, as always @x12.
As you can see below, the results are far worse than the T02.

My questions are, are the T03’s not good as the T02? Or is it a matter of proper firmware? the LD 2.U1 which i’m using is from mid 2005 (and it works perfect with the T02).
Should I try updating my firmware to get better results with the T03?
If so, which firmware do you recomend best for burning T03 on 3520A?
The latest official (3.07), or some other specific modified firmware?

Thanks in advance

I would try the 3.07 firmware and check the results for T03.
You can always go back to 2.U1 if the results don’t improve.

Should’nt I try 2.U5?

when i flashed my firmware about 2 years ago, i got better burn results with 2.U1
than with the 3.04, which was the official firmware at that time.

I have “ok”-results with the same writer, firmware 3.07 and TYG03:


2.U5 is an option, but the writing strategy for T03 is stock, whereas the T02 writing strategy has been tweaked in all the modified firmwares. There should be no difference when burning T03 with either 2.U5 or 3.07.

Ok, I flashed to 3.07 and burnt 2 more T03’s, one @x12 and another @x8.

The results are better, and on x8 burn even better than on x12 burn.
[scans added, right one is @x8, left one @x12]

Is this the best i can get with T03 ? (note that the scans were performed on a NEC drive)
Should I try to burn @x4 to improve results ? (the media is cert x16)
Is the difference between the T03 and T02 burns (500 pif on T03 versus ~180 pif on T02) big enough to make the effort and get T02’s ?