TY T02 problem

I’ve just burnt a Sony branded TY T02 disc with Benq 1640 (SB and WOPC ON) at 8X , and did a QS that was tryuly amazing : first pic .
Then I decided to rescan at 16X and hell broke loose :a , beautiful colors at the edge with error message and LOTS of POF (this is the first ever disc to give me POF abongst all brands I tried !) . TRT also is very bad at the edge .

Other discs are ok though and I don’t know why this “particular” disc did this (could it be a defective single disc in the 50 pack spindle ?)

The last 2 pics are from another disc scanned @ 8X and 16X respectively

It’s natural that a few bad discs can show up now and then, with every manufacturer. Especially if the media is store-bought.
I really like this post from [B]Jester[/B] :bigsmile:

Does the T02 have any visible scratches, spots or other things on the edge?

I’ve had the odd TY T02 go bad, not like Ritek G05 , but still bad for TYs.

Even T02’s can have the odd bad disc unfortunately, the massive difference between the 8x and 16x is very interesting though.


The problem is : I can’t perform 16X scan or TRT on EVERY disc I burn to verify its redability , the above bad scan could go quitely in a jewel case and I would delete the source from my HDD based on TY’s reputation :a

Thank God , I did this scan and knew that disc was bad , I reburnt it and 16X scan is great again and of course 8X scan is even sweeter

Bottom line is : Do NOT count on these miserable 8X scans , do a 16X one or a TRT test :bigsmile:

Another high speed scanning fanboy! :eek:
Just start scanning @ 16x for everything and everything will be fine.

I just do a Max speed TRT on my Lite-On DVD-ROM drive - always shows up problem discs for me :slight_smile:

Multiple backups of very important stuff, my dear :)…not foolproof by any means, but should help somewhat :slight_smile:

Welcome to the club… :slight_smile:

Just a sidenote: even 16X scans can’t guarantee the actual perfect readability of the disc, sadly. It reduces the odds far better than 4X/8X scans do, but I still had 2 discs showing OK 16X Benq scans (out of ~300 discs) showing bad sectors nevertheless. :frowning:

Personally, I [I]do[/I] TRT everything that is somewhat important. The faintest drop in the reading curve (dismissing the usual glitches that are easy to spot as such), and the disc gets trashed (or joins the “testing purposes” pile :bigsmile: ).

[km] Picky, picky :bigsmile: [/km]

Fortunately, not [I]everything[/I] I burn is of the utmost importance :wink: and just as fortunately, troubled reading curves with good media properly burnt are very scarse. :cool:

Ditto, and ditto :bigsmile:

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Did you try a TRT/QS in another drive. Did you make a real time test (watch video/extract data). My Benq hit the hall of shame because it was inconsistant and often saw problems where there were none :wink:

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They can do that sometimes. :iagree:

But Liteys can also suddenly do that, and sometimes just cycling the tray makes things back to normal… :rolleyes:

The ONLY scanners that I have here that are 100% consistent are my two NEC 3540 units. But they have their own annoying quirks, don’t worry :bigsmile:


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Are you burning so many discs that you don’t have time to verify each and every one? I always verify any disc that isn’t just made for testing, usually with the “verify” feature in ImgBurn and sometimes with the “verify” feature in Nero Burning ROM.

For every new combination of media, drive, firmware, burn speed, and setting (e.g. SolidBurn) I make quality scans and TRTs.

For most discs I perform a DQS at 8x in my BenQ or at 16x in my LiteOn 165P6S in addition to the verification, in order to detect ugly PIF clusters or other problems. And I hardly ever burn DVDs faster than 8x because I have found that burning faster will increase the likelihood of a bad or mediocre burn in all drives that I have, although 12x burning is good most of the time.

I don’t think that 8x burning wastes any time for me, because that saves me from throwing away and redoing burns that don’t meet my personal criteria for being acceptable.

I do believe that high-speed scanning is good for making keep/discard decisions, but the PIE/PIF values in high-speed scans are not necessarily a worst-case scan - in some cases, especially for LiteOn drives, I find that scanning at low speeds can produce higher PIE/PIF and 1x scanning is often the worst scan on my LiteOn 165P6S.