TY T02 or TYG02/TYG03

I don’t go through discs too quickly on my 1620 but I recently ran out. I have been using +R TY T02’s for the last year and the results have been consistently good.

I can now either buy 50 T02’s for $23 and stick with the +R’s I’m used to, or buy 100 TYG02/TYG03 -R’s for $29. Usually I’d just stick with the tried and tested but the thought of twice as many discs for only $6 more is tempting.

Any input as to which media is superior/more consistent is appreciated.

You’d be well advised to do this if you want to be sure to get the same quality, as 16X TY media is much more variable in quality than their 8X media.

edit have you noticed that there is a “blank media” section in this forum? :wink:

The true and tried 8x TY stuff are the best. Stock of that should be running out.

16x TY are very variable and not recommended.