TY spindles/cakeboxes anywhere?

I like the discs but love the spindles.
Is there anywhere that sells them without the need to buy the discs ?
I’d like a few 100’s and a few 50s and 25s.
UK though. Why does this always pose problems for TY ???

SVP do them but I’m sure other places do as well.



The link shows cakeboxes, but nowhere does it say that those are TY-style cakeboxes!? :confused:

It’s not clear from the original post whether the OP specifically wanted TY cakeboxes or just liked them.

As the only place you’ll get genuine TY cakeholders is direct from Taiyo Yuden and they don’t sell them separately I’d assumed that it was just empty cakeboxes the OP was after.

I might be wrong though. :slight_smile:


wow, first time I’ve seen many European CDFREAKERS. I thought only Arachne is the only one actively participates in this basement. Dragemaster comes out once in a while

UN basement

Spend a little more time out of the BB and you will realize that there are TONS of European CDFreaks members.

There are stacks of European users here.

You tend to be more conscious of it though on this sort of forum as users are posting messages specific to their own market/location.

One big happy family! :smiley:


Didn’t CDfreaks start out as a Dutch only site wayyyy back by the way?

Actually, I thought it was quite clear that it was TY cakeboxes I was after.
Nonetheless - I have bought the spindles from SVP and i can say quite catagorically they are most certainly NOT TY.
I have bought some TY-like boxes of cd’s & dvd’s from Aldi and they were absolutely appalling, and no surprise whenh they turned out to be Ritek and CMC.
I’d still love TY spindles though.

By the way - I’d say there were AT LEAST as many europeans on here as yanks - probably a good deal MORE.

I never said the SVP ones were TY and it’s obvious that they’re not from the photos on their website.

What you were asking for is impossible so I was only trying to be helpful by suggesting a possible substitute.

It might be possible to order a quantity direct from TY but I’d imagine you’d have to be talking fairly large numbers though.


I wouldn’t imagine that TY would sell the empty cake boxes. It would only encourage counterfeiting.

You’re probably right which makes the OP’s request even more impossible. :iagree:

An acceptable substitute is their only choice in my opinion.