I got some of this newer stuff to try out, it’s pretty nice. Below you will see a scan of the standard silver and the hub-printable types, and a photo of a print job. I recommend 24x117mm print size, although they will take 23x118. The print surface is slightly larger on the outside and smaller on the inside than the reflective coating. They have added some kind of reflective coating over most of the hub area, although you can still see the “rings”. The effect is that if you are printing a darker image, the hub area is barely visable.

Also noted that the new hub-printable has a “brighter” print finish, so that colors are brighter. The photo below accentuates the difference, it’s not that much different. But is is very nice.

Thanks for sharing.

If they would produce a glossy version of the silver, ala Watershield, I would be a happy guy. :clap:

Those are very nice :iagree:

Did those come from Rima?

Yup, they have CDRs too.

Can you mention the stock Code these are - on the RIMA site? There are a few different codes of them for sale there. I see a CODE 1126, CODE 1110, which is the HUB printable. Then there’s a CODE 1167, and a CODE 1162… What’s the difference in all these codes and which one’s did you use it the photos above? Also, does the ink smear? Or is that not a concern to you? Thanks for the post…

The ones I bought are 1767. 1126 is not hub-printable,1110 is Prodisc, not TY.
I’ve never seen ink smear on any TY printables, or any other for that matter. If you see that, you must be using an Epson printer.

Nope I will be using ip4300. I just ordered it in the US and also ordered the CD tray. I’ve read of users having some problems with smeared blacks (especially) when printing white labels but no mention of the silver ones. So I thought this a valid question and I thank your for your response.

I ended up purchasing the CODE 1167 of the TY CD-R’s from Rima.com. I hope these will do good as I had to buy 100 of them.

Right off the top or your head, do you have a bookmark of a thread that contains the instructions and links to download all software needed for this conversion and installing it without messing up the printer?

Thanks for your input everyone. Great site!


Great stuff CDan, very immpressive. :clap:

Good information. I got the ip4300 today and was able to easily convert to EUR with the instructions found within this link. Thanks…

Also on the printing size mentioned at the top of this thread, it mentions an inner ring size of 23mm. I’m currently using CD-LablePrint 1.3.0 and the smallest I can get it to set to is 33mm. IT only allows one to offset to -10mm. I was just wondering what software you were using DDan? Or do you have a different version of CD-LablePrint?

Surething works great with the canon; surething 5 anyways.

You simply need to create a new template. Do this in “select paper”, and hit the “new” button. Procedure is detailed in the help files. Suggest creating a template for each type of disc you will use.