The good deals have long passed, why? If TaiyoYuden could make them for sony and fuji and others why are they selling for a premium now, with possible bitsetting they would be my medium of choice, if affordable.
From sales figures, verbatim seems to be taking over this segment of the market?
Canada seems to be getting some new lines of YudenT03’s, maybe TY is waking up?

As production increases the quality will fall and decreases, so if TY produce media for every one then TY would be in demand any more.

I agree that TY +Rs are always more than TY -Rs which does not make a lot of sense.

Even harder for me because I only buy hub printable TY +Rs.

I’ll buy some TY -Rs for my use, but need TY +Rs so I can bitset them.

I decided to try some Phillips +Rs and most work out OK but can not come close to TYs.

Next time I see a decent price on the TY +Rs Hub printables I am going to buy 1000 so I have enough to last me 2 - 3 years.


Yeah I have been waiting for a good price on TY +R printables for months and I guess I am just waiting for nothing lol, I suppose I will have to hit up Rima.com for a few 50 cake packs, it’s one of the few printables I don’t have any of.

Given that TY +R are a significantly better disc on almost every drive I use, I am not at all surprised that the +R cost more. Almost anyone here who scans and uses both is aware of this as well. If we know it, it is certain that TY knows. Higher quality equals higher demand equals higher prices.

Is TY still committed to producing T02s or is it planning to move exclusively to T03?

I buy all my Taiyo Yuden -R from this site and they carry TY+R as well.


That site doesn’t even have TY +R inkjet printables. Rima.com for 8X TY +R prinkjet printables all the way!!!

these seem to be new, hopefully TY will expand production and prices will come down


noticably absent at other NorthAmerican locations?

IIRC there was a report posted sometime ago which showed TY production of media, most of the production was for -R media as it is what dominates the home market of Taiyo Yuden, Japan. Also it dominates standalone recorder usage. They produce much less +R than -R, so it would be expected that +R is more costly due to lower production & sales.

I don’t give a hoot about TY’s anymore, I love my printable Verbs very much, they’re just as good and very affordable if buy them from Microcenter

I miss my TYs for consistancy. My current spindle of Verbs have been all over the place with results and this is after trying to burn them at a bunch of different speeds, just when I think I got it figured out, BAM!!! I get erratic scans or playback on my player and it’s not like my Oppo 981 is a POS player either. :wink: Anyways, that superdeals site is horribly overpriced when compared with the likes of rima. Rima has the exact same deal for 100 8x TY DVD+R for $37.

TY +Rs are consistent. Verbatim are not anymore. I can find burners that will deal with the sloppy production, but they are still not as good as TY. However, given that my last 100 MCC 004s cost $5 after rebates, I will make the effort.

WOW - and I thought I did good by getting 100 MCC003’s for $11 after rebate from Buy.com! Is that where you got the $5 deal?

Btw, where is Bigmike with a Rima.com mention in this thread?! :smiley:

He asked me to make the reference to rima for him. :wink:

Yo WP-

[B]Rima - Rima - Rima - Rima - Rima[/B]

Did I mention [B]Rima[/B]-eh?


(btw - still the best - most consistant place to get quality Taiyo Yuden 8x +R T02’s at a reasonable price - IMO)

Buy.com with a Paypal rebate and a Verbatim Rebate.

Yo chas0039-

Thanks for the tip - just did the same thing - but had to pay $2.75 for CA sales tax - still $7.74 for 100 MCC004’s is still a steal-eh!

Is this a one time rebate through Paypal or can you use it again?

Do you have to link through Paypal? I went through the Buy.com ordering process and I didn’t see a Paypal rebate offer appear, so I didn’t complete the order.

Here is a link for the PayPal promotion.

I think it is a one time use by PayPal.