TY @rima on sale?



The 50 pack +R 8x is $35 now, the same with 4x !!!
I guess it’s on sale, or probably they put a wrong price?? Better order soon before it gets higher…


zevia, I don’t believe you did that! ! ! You forgot to place the link for everyone to click on! ! :wink:


sorry… here’s the link


Wow this is a great deal, no need to worry about if you get TY or not from everyone buying all the Fuji’s from Best Buy and Newegg…these are TY for sure :stuck_out_tongue:



To think I paid 1$ each about 2 months ago :o


Nice find Zevia! Have you tried them out yet? Are they legit TYs? Thanks for the link. Later.


AFAIK rima sells authentic TYs and people in this forum trusted rima. This will be my first buy tho, before I usually buy @newegg or local bestbuy for easy return. I’m returning back my Fuji TYG02 -R and Verbatim MCC003 +R to bestbuy for this one :bigsmile:.


You are mistaken in one case though man. Rima almost never goes up in price. They only go down. That is one thing I really like about them. It is a pretty rare occassion when they drop the price and then hike it back up.



I bought 8x -R Taiyo Yudens from www.rima.com and YES they are the “real deal” and from a GREAT vendor-

I’ve pretty much limited my buys to Rima and www.supermediastore.com for best price/service-

Happy Burnin’




Excellent price for Excellent media - from an Excellent vendor - eliminates the excuse to buy “cheap” media-

BTW - I believe that these TY 8x +R’s will burn at 16x in the NEC ND-3500A(G)-

Happy Burnin’