TY Regular vs. Inkjet Printable

Is there any difference is performance between regular TY media and the Inkjet printable kind? I was lucky enough to get some Maxell media that was TY and now I’m hooked. The regular TY media seems like writing with a Sharpie on it would not show up well, so I’m thinking about getting the InkJet. Any user experience?

BTW, the inkjet is cheaper by 2 cents a disc, so thats why i was wondering if there was a performace issue.

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Is there a difference between the two kinds though? Can you see black sharpie writing on the reg. TY discs?

They’re silver topped, so I don’t see why a black sharpie wouldn’t show up. Heck I had a TYG02 blank (Fujifilm branded) with a black top and black sharpie writing showed up on it :slight_smile: