TY -R or +R?

I need you fellow freaks :stuck_out_tongue: opinion.
It has been a long time that I have used both TY +R and -R everytime I burn with another one different brand media for a long time. Now I am concerning about a space to keep and a budget, and time (took about 6-8minutes for one extra disc…for your reference, I usually burn 6-10disks every day for last year or so).
So if you are me, what would you use if you must choose one media to pick, TY +R (T02) or TY -R(either TYG02 or TYG03)?

By the way don’t even bother to mention anything about Verb or whatever since I already use MCC004.
Strictly asking for TY +R and -R.

Thanks a million for those who gives me your input in advance :bow:

I have never seen a serious problem with a batch of TY +R 8x. I have seen many problems with TY -R 8X and 16X. The burn quality differences are not even close; the +R and -R are not in the same league when the TY -R are at their best.

I’ve always had great success with the premium TYG02 DVD-R, it all depends on your burner/firmware configuration though.

The taiyo yudens 02 series (either + or -) were gorgeous.

The later series were … not as good.

I found the TYG02 (DVD-R) to be better than the T02 (DVD+R), but in either case you cannot go wrong.

The TYG03 (and T03 if you can get it) are also ok, but only with the latest generation burners. Older generation burners like the NEC3500, Benq1620, LG4163 just don’t do as good a job on the 03 series. Newer burners do them nice … just not as good as the 02 series :wink:

YUDEN000 T02 is the most consistant.
TYG02 have had some quality issues during the last months, and TYG03 are not always good with every burner.