TY -r media on LiteOn SOHW 832s VSOA

I want to know if anyone has burned this media on that above burner and if you got good results. I know TY are highly respected and probably the best blanks out there, but I also know LiteOn’s are notoriously bad with -r’s, so does anyone have any Kprobe scans with this burner on that media? The media I am thinking of buying is this:


Experienced comments welcome. Thanks.

Frankly, in my experience Verbatim 8x DVD-R media (MCC02RG20) is the best performing -R on the 812/832S.

The TYG01s that you’re thinking of should burn just fine though you might want to upgrade your firmware to VS0G.

You can find a couple of scans of TYG01 burns with my 832S here.

[Verbatim 8x DVD-R media (MCC02RG20) as recommended by Two Degrees above should also burn without any problems with your writer; it certainly does on mine.]

Thanks for the scans. I’m looking at TY simply because I can easily buy them with my credit card from jpldisplays. I wish jpl had a better selection of +r media though. The Ridata is probably fine, but it’s Thermal and I want inkjet. And besides those they only sell two other +r’s which are both crap from the Kprobe’s I’ve seen here. I wish I could find TY +r’s in Australia!