TY -R 4X at supermedia and others, not Premium grade



Ok, I have spoken to a buyer for a local DVD duping company and they have confirmed that the TY media we are looking at is called their Value Line product and is not the same as their Premium grade. This means there is a higher percentage of block errors. He also said it had been certified by his company as 4X media. He said it was not “B” grade but definitely not as good as their best.

So the general concerns about this being “too good” are true but also it is good enough for TY to put their name on as 4X. This explains why some of what we are getting is G02. I am still very happy with the price and the quality and I have seen a better burn at 8X than many other premium media, Verbatim included. So I guess you would burn at 4X if you want the best quality. If you like the scans at 8X, as I do, it still beats the competition.


Can you clarify the issue?

OK. I understand G02 from this deal is “Value Line Product”… Hard to complain at this price. But does this also apply to the G01? I assume not.

What’s your favorite? Value Line G02 or Normal G01? :slight_smile:


thx for the info chas !


This applies to all the 4X sold as Value so it is both the G01 as well as the G02. I have limited experience with the G01 so I cannot say but I do know from the few of this batch I have burned that the G01 and G02 both burn very well at 8X and look near perfect at 4X. It is hard to say if there will be variation within the stack but I will be checking the scans and see. Once again the Liteon is paying its way. And I totally agree, for the price I am pleased with what I got.


Ah, that explains quite a bit. Hence the huge price differential with Rima.com


Premium TY:

“Value” TY:

Only about $10 difference, not really that huge.


I know it’s 4x vs. 8x but I only have a 4x burner, so it’s all the same to me. Anyways. That 100 pack of 4x (possibly 8x) from supermediastore cost me $30 with shipping. The 8x ones from rima are $45+shipping for a 100 pack. So after you factor in shipping it is about $20 difference. I call that pretty significant. I realize you can get the 8x ones in a 100 pack from supermediastore for $44 shipped though.


Thanks for your info on this matter I recieved TYG01 from supermediastore earlier this week and it definitely isn’t quite as good as my other TYG01. I assume you used 2.18 to burn them, those results seem much better than mine with L&D 2.T9 here are some scans
Previous Grade A TYG01 burned on L&D 2.T9 (3500AG) at 8X

New Grade B TYG01 burned on L&D 2.T9 (3500AG) at 8X

and now burned on a Benq 1620 G7P9 at 8X

So I guess these are a no-no for my 3500 unless I want to try to go back to the 2.18 based stuff and test my results there. Might just give these to the folks for the BenQ (although I wanted them to have the dvd+r’s for that one due to bitsetting and giving dvds out…) I wish the Value DVD part of this post had been more clearly noted on the supermedia page at the beginning of the deal. Oh well thanks for all the info and legwork chas0039


If I had yours, I would burn at 4X. You might get an improvement and get closer to the BenQ. If the disc is that good in BenQ there is no reason it shouldn’t be in the 3500. You are right, I have stock 2.18 firmware with the bitsetting hack. Keep in mind that the G01s really are rated at 4X, but NEC allows burns at 8X on the 3500.


i wanna buy the premium grade TY but i cannot find samples of them…they always come in 50 or 100 spindles…i want only 5, where do they sell that? do you know?


I guarantee you aren’t going to like the price, but here’s a 5 pack:

edit Fry’s/Outpost has them for quite a bit cheaper:


Also here. Same price as Crutchfields.


I assumed he wanted the 8x -R, but yeah, there’s that option. BTW those can be had a LOT cheaper here.


yup… $3.90 is definatley better…
But I’d still pickup at 15+5 pak at K-mart for $7.00 instead.


However with the Plextor brand there’s less chance of seeing the variability in quality we’ve seen with the Fujifilm-branded T02s.


You are correct sir.
However I think the “issues” were with the 1125 and 1133 batches and I am seeing great scans on my 1149’s that are in my 15+5 paks.

But you are right I just realized the thread is referring to -R.


Switched to the 2.18 based Liggy firmware with bitsetting and got much better results. Not outstanding but for the price great. Now the Benq and NEC burns are pretty much the same. I bet this value grade varies greatly from spindle to spindle more than the A grade. Here is my 8X burn with the unmodified 2.18 strategy.


If anyone wants to sample these why not get a sample pack of -R or +R media from Rima.com? Then you can experiment with various brands as well as the TY’s to see what does better in your drive and the sample packs aren’t that bad of a price considering the discs you get.

Chas, thanks for the info on these. I’m still very satisified with the BenQ burns at 8x on B7U9 - I really can’t complain about them at all for the price and playback has been perfect out of every single disc so far!


The drive you are using is not clear. You might try scanning at 4X which is the standard for most burners. If you have a BenQ (the firmware looks familiar) I guess you could keep it at 8X reading. I agree, variability between burns is more likely.


Looking at the firmware revision, it’s pretty evident it’s an OEM DW1620.