Ty-r 16x

Has anyone tested these? What’s the mid code? They’re available here.

Edit: Opps, guess they are TYG03’s…

I just got a spindle. I posted a quality scan over in the Plextor forum.

Can you single post this scan ? It’s not easy search find it.

His scan is here. I’d like to see a scan of this mid code burned on a real drive! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

I’ve some ordered, will test on the 1620 and the 3500 and post results when they arrive…

I think is not good scan for 16x media .There are also many total faults.
Maybe next firmware fix problem.


The best I have managed is a QS of 95 with my Philips 1640 :

The Verbatim +R 16x and my PX-716A 1.06 definately get along better.

The G03 seems to perform exactly like G02 here. The possible exception is that it doesn’t like being burned below 8x at all. 8x is the best quality on my NEC drives, but the differences are small between 8x and 16x.

Likewise my LG4163 and 16x Verbatim media